Leveraging Data-driven Financial Marketing

Our CEO & CIO Tim Whitley is hosting an April webinar on “Leveraging Data-driven Financial Marketing.” Using data-driven marketing can put your financial institution ahead of your competitors and save marketing dollars. Register for free at the link below to learn about industry-compliant data-driven marketing tactics that put consumer privacy at the forefront and push your business toward its goals.

Tim Whitley - Financial Marketing Expert

What You'll Learn

Data-driven marketing illustrates how your customers view your products and offerings, your brand’s messages and whether or not you are reaching the right customer or engaging with them on the right platform. However, in an industry where consumer privacy is of utmost importance, it can be difficult to know when, where and which data can be used in your financial marketing campaigns.

In our webinar on “Leveraging Data-driven Financial Marketing,” we’ll show you how data-driven marketing can set you apart from your competitors and be used to enhance your business strategy while remaining ethical and compliant to all industry standards.