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Whitney Burgess
VP, Marketing and Strategy
[email protected]
(501) 291-3209

Aziza Carroll
Senior Account Executive
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(501) 291-2609

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Proving Measurable Marketing Success for Your Bank

The first step in proving performance marketing success is having the right foundation. That’s why we’re offering a discounted assessment of your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts.

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Beating Industry Standards with a Customized Digital Marketing Mix

We have experience crafting digital solutions for banking and financial services companies. We put together a few examples of our best work to demonstrate how we produced a low online cost-per-lead and significant return-on-ad-spend for our clients.

HELOC Case Study
Our marketing mix produced 21% of all online applications and produced a $100 cost-per-lead.

Credit Card Case Study
Demonstrated end-to-end reporting capabilities and 49% of online applications started with our mix

Mortgage Loan Case Study
12% Conversion Rate for online mortgage applications – 188% above the industry standard

Data-Driven, FLA-Compliant Bank Marketing Approach

If you have an ideal audience in mind, we can target them with marksman precision through Doppio®, our FLA-compliant proprietary data analytics platform. Here’s how it works.

For example, with our FLA-compliant financial marketing strategies, we have data‑sets that can directly target

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