Leveraging our longevity to benefit your growth

For more than 50 years, MHP/Team SI has worked with equipment dealers, financial institutions, hospitals, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and government agencies to build their brands, increase public awareness, change behaviors and engage audiences.

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Providing omnichannel TraDigital™ marketing for brands of all sizes

We provide each of our 800+ local, regional, national and international clients our best thinking, blending data-driven digital and traditional marketing solutions to cover the full spectrum of what we’ve dubbed TraDigital™ synergy.

Using all services and platforms to maximize the marketing funnel

We offer the full spectrum of digital marketing and advertising agency services to move your audiences through the marketing funnel:

TraDigital™ Marketing Funnel

Mining data to amp up your marketing efforts

The MHP/Team SI marketing agency offers exclusive products that enable us to target your niche audiences with any criteria based on numerous filters. This includes Doppio®, our own proprietary system that pairs the most sophisticated data analytics platform available with insights from our certified professional staff to optimize campaign effectiveness.

Doppio® offers more than 500,000 data segments that allow us to target only the audience you want to reach and ensure they notice the message, making you stand out in your industry sector and among your competition.

Syncing your marketing campaigns for efficiency and effectiveness

It’s our TraDigital™ approach, our data-centric mindset and our hard-working team’s commitment to staying on the leading edge of new strategies why businesses recognize us as a reputable source for marketing and advertising services. We also offer the convenience of having traditional, digital and website support staff all working within one agency, so your brand’s campaigns stay synced.

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