Because of the proliferation of media options available to brands today, we believe there has never been a more dynamic — or better — time for a brand to be built.

Much has changed since 1972 when MHP was born, and even since 2010 when Team SI was founded; then again, many essential marketing principles have not. They have been refined and they’ve had new, exciting ingredients added. The essentials have simply evolved over time.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in our combined history, blended it, improved it —  proven it time and time again — and we have evolved our practice to become MHP/Team SI.

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With our TraDigital™ mindset, we strategically blend traditional and digital marketing practices. We apply creativity across platforms consistently, letting data drive every recommendation, and weighing decisions using our collective professional experience, judgment and intuition.

We welcome you to take a closer look at MHP/Team SI.

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