Media Director

Patrick Pipkin

Where did you grow up?
Little Rock

What is your favorite thing about your job?
The people and the energy. Everyone at the agency is focused on constant improvement and doing better. Doing our jobs better, making each campaign better, improving ourselves personally. That passion is contagious and I’m always learning something new. In addition, the energy when everyone jumps in on a project and when everyone is excited about an idea, a project, or a new direction makes it fun and exciting. 

What is your best skill?
Curiosity. I’m a curious person and I always want to know “why.” This motivates me to dig and find out more than what’s immediately evident on the surface.

What work-related topic do you geek out on?
Consumer behavior and motivators. I’m fascinated by the psychology of how and why people tick and how those motivators drive marketing and how marketing drives those motivators.  

What are some of your hobbies?
Going on adventures with my wife, playing music, Crossfit, being outside – climbing, camping, mountain biking, travel and road trips. 

Give us a fun fact.
I play in a Folk Rock band and have two albums on Spotify/Amazon. I’m also a Crossfit coach.

Patrick Pipkin headshot