As a community of professionals who work in close contact with one another, and whose individual work product is reliant upon the contributions and cooperation of others, we hold this set of interconnected, interdependent traits as guiding standards.

These are statements of what we value most, and examples of how those values may be expressed every day.

Value 01

Be Curious.

Never stop learning. Challenge yourself. Since the nature of our work and the tools we use are constantly evolving, we cannot become complacent. Grow professionally. Immerse yourself in our clients’ businesses to become a credible counselor. Expand your expertise. Seek out and take advantage of professional development opportunities. Be a leader, or become a better one. Anticipate what is coming next. Learn from experiences and mistakes – yours and your teammates – by asking questions, listening to, and valuing their input.

Value 02

Be Enthusiastic.

Build the team. Pursue your professional passions. We count on one another, and ultimately, we win/lose together. We all can be energized (or drained) by the actions of one another. So, be a good and positive teammate; Share your skills; Strengthen relationships. Talk with – not about – one another. Remove artificial boundaries to allow ideas to cross pollinate and become even better. We will invest in the best, strive to promote from within, and provide a path for professional growth.

Value 03

Be Strategic.

Be quick, don’t hurry. Think first, then act. Allow yourself to be motivated by a general sense of urgency, but don’t be overwhelmed by it; Use the safeguards and resources available around you. The overall quality of our work is often measured by even the smallest of mistakes. While we firmly believe it is okay to fail when trying out a new idea or innovative approach, there is no excuse for being sloppy in our work product.

Value 04

Be Spellbinding.

Tell the story. Why be boring? Spread the good news of our clients – and ourselves – as masters of storytelling. Strategic development is one of our fundamental strengths, so have a plan for the story you are to tell, and stick to that plan. Every story, every brand, every client and every opportunity is unique, so we must treat them that way. Be intentionally inventive in your work.

Value 05

Be Creative.

Think big. No matter your job, don’t be afraid to try a new way to solve the puzzle. Remove ego from the equation to allow creativity the freedom it requires to breathe, always remembering: “A good idea doesn’t care who had it.” Support your ideas with data and measure them against strategy. Be resourceful. Find a way to get the job at hand done, and done well. Innovation lives here, so add Power Ideas to the mix.

Value 06

Be Involved.

Give back. We encourage involvement in community organizations you deem worthy of your time and skill. Be both selfless and selfish by supporting a cause you believe in, and therefore find yourself recharged from your involvement. Seek a healthy balance for yourself and make meaningful connections along the way. Lead. Follow. Contribute. Volunteer.

Value 07

Be Responsible.

Do right. Treat others better than yourself. Be the teammate you want someone else to be for you. Consider the impact of your actions (or inactions) on others. Demonstrate common courtesies, and understand that seemingly little things are actually big things – especially when you have lots of roommates. Ask, don’t assume. Constantly strive to be worthy of the trust you are given. Above all, be a daily example of the highest degree of professional ethics and personal integrity.

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