Are you considering connected TV for your next media campaign?

You should.

While connected TV has always been forecasted to eclipse traditional television, the pandemic has escalated the momentum.

In 2023, a record 92% of U.S. households are now reachable through a CTV device, such as a smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick or Chromecast.

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    Your audience is streaming.

    Meet them where they are. With Doppio® Connected TV, you can tap into 290,977 data segments for audience targeting. That level of precision enables reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional television.

    million Americans watch connected TV
    according to eMarketer in 2020.
    illustration depicting that 4 out of 5 households can be reached with connected tv

    In fact, 4 out of 5 households can be reached.

    This is made possible by our team through platforms like Roku that feature household and account-based targeting options.

    What are some of the benefits of connected TV advertising?

    Better ROI

    CTV offers budget-friendly, effective advertising compared to linear television

    Precise Targeting

    Data segments for expanding your audience with near limitless options

    Cross-device Retargeting

    After viewers see your ad, gently remind them across devices using household IP targeting

    Doppio Connected TV Advertising Services
    Premium Audiences Available

    Access more than 100 unique segments based on accurate proprietary audience data

    In-flight Optimization

    Reach, frequency and performance can be optimized across campaigns

    Reporting and Transparency

    Each month, we can provide a report outlining campaign performance

    Who can you target with connected TV?

    In most cases, anyone! With 290,977 data segments available for expanding your audience, give our Doppio® Data Explorer a try below and see what audience segments you can find!

    Please note, this is just an example of data layers we can leverage. Data segment options shift daily. Our media specialists will always work to find the most suitable audience segments for your business, and continually optimize your connected TV campaigns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Doppio® Connected TV?

    Doppio® Connected TV advertising is a data-driven marketing solution for reaching audiences across ad-supported OTT services that are available on connected TV devices. It boasts more than 100 unique proprietary audience segments, in addition to 290,977 third-party data segments for audience expansion. With its enhanced in-flight reporting, our team can leverage accurate campaign tracking to optimize your reach, frequency and performance.

    What networks and devices can I advertise on using Doppio® CTV?

    Doppio® Connected TV advertising has access to a curated marketplace with more than 5,000 unique OTT apps. Additionally, our platform has direct relationships with 80+ premium OTT publishers and exchanges. If there are specific goals you’re trying to achieve with certain networks or devices, let us know and we’re happy to discuss options that are available.

    Where will my Connected TV spot run?

    Connected TV is TV. See the list below and you will quickly recognize them if you watch via Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, Connected TV, or even TV. You will see the list of networks below where we are able to place your ad in front of the user in a specific household who is watching their preferred network. No longer do you have to guess which network they will be on. Allow the data to lead you there. And if you are concerned about the content you will appear in, well, we thought of that, too. We utilize advanced brand safety. It includes standard filtering as well as additional pre-bid filtering powered by Oracle to exclude potentially offensive sites falling within the “dirty dozen” content categories according to IAB quality guidelines.

    Roku Connected TV advertising
    Hulu Connected TV advertising
    Prime Video Connected TV advertising
    Paramount+ Connected TV advertising
    AT&T Connected TV advertising
    FoxNews Connected TV advertising

    Film & TV

    • 24 Hour Movie Channel
    • Fawesome.TV
    • Film Rise
    • IFC
    • Paramount Network
    • PLEX
    • Pluto TV
    • Popcorn Flix
    • Redbox
    • STIRR
    • Sundance TV
    • The Roku Channel
    • Tubi
    • Viki
    • WatchFreeFlix
    • WE tv


    • Comedy Central
    • TruTV


    • CBS Sports
    • ESPN
    • FOX Sports
    • MLB.TV
    • NBA
    • NBC Sports
    • NFL
    • Amazon Prime

    Lifestyle & Food

    • Bon Appetit
    • Cooking Channel
    • DIY Network
    • ET Live
    • Food Network GO
    • HGTV GO
    • iFood.TV
    • MT GO
    • Travel Channel GO
    • Watch OWN

    Current Events & Global News

    • ABC News
    • CBS News
    • CNNgo
    • Fox News
    • Haystack TV
    • Local Now
    • NBC News
    • NewsON
    • Newsy


    • A&E
    • AHC Go
    • Animal Planet Go
    • Discovery Go
    • Discovery Life GO
    • History
    • Nat Geo TV
    • Science Channel GO

    Multi-Category Entertainment

    • adult swim
    • AMC
    • BBC America
    • BET
    • Bravo Now
    • Crackle
    • Destination
    • America GO
    • Discovery+
    • E! Now
    • Freeform
    • Frndly TV
    • fuboTV
    • FOX NOW
    • FX Now
    • Hulu
    • ID GO
    • Lifetime
    • MTV
    • NBC
    • OXYGEN
    • Paramount+
    • Philo
    • Sling TV
    • SYFY
    • The CW
    • TLC GO
    • USA Now
    • VH1
    • vMVPD App
    • Watch TBC
    • Watch TNT
    • XUMO

    What is CTV, OTT and Linear TV?

    With Doppio® Connected TV, you can reach audiences on smart TVs and OTT devices. As more of your audience transitions from traditional or linear TV to streaming, we can help you meet them where they are.

    Connected TV (CTV) refers to devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, smart TVs, etc. that allow video content to be streamed to a television from the internet without a traditional cable connection.

    Over-the-top (OTT) media is a streaming content service, often ad-supported, that can be accessed via the internet, including through smart TVs, PCs, tablets and laptops.

    Linear TV refers to traditional TV where a viewer watches a scheduled TV program at the time it airs on its original channel, or via DVR recordings. It’s typically watched through regular programming or by paying for a cable or satellite subscription.

    Though viewership continues to be fragmented across screens, connected TV provides your brand with more opportunities to reach your target audience.

    How does connected TV advertising performance compare to traditional TV advertising?

    Connected TV is similar to traditional TV advertising in building awareness about your products and services so that more viewers see your content. However, connected TV shines in how granular the targeting can be compared to traditional television buys. Because the targeting is so much more precise, viewers are far more likely to engage with content which means a significant improvement in ROI. Connected TV can often be substantially more affordable than traditional media buys while still achieving the same level of awareness. Additionally, with the flexibility of a demand-side platform, your connected TV campaigns can also be optimized throughout the media flight, further enhancing your marketing results.

    How does connected TV advertising performance compare to PPC or display advertising?

    Connected TV is ideal for building awareness, similar to display advertising, which is often billed at a CPM (cost per thousand views) rate. Pay-per-click (PPC), also called search engine marketing, is charged per click and is particularly effective for intent-based marketing, since people are likely in the consideration phase of the marketing funnel and contemplating purchase options when they search for information.

    In many situations, these tactics can complement connected TV quite well and run simultaneously to enhance results. With our connected TV platform, we can even utilize retargeting campaigns to gently remind viewers about products and services they may have seen through connected TV. This is done using household ID account-based marketing or IP targeting.

    These strategies can become very tactical and segmented, but our media specialists can take care of creating a media plan that is best suited within your budget.

    Can I use my existing video content for connected TV advertising?

    Yes! Assuming any music or copyrighted content contained in your video is properly licensed, you can easily use it for your connected TV campaigns. When planning video content for the future, it’s always great to keep connected TV in mind and record additional assets specific for that audience, but it’s not required.

    What do I need to get started?

    You’ll need a portion of your marketing budget available for CTV and a website to direct traffic. We’ll also need to know what marketing goals you’d like to accomplish. We can help you with strategy.

    You’ll also need video ads, which can be from existing content you’ve already produced, or our in-house video team can develop the video ads for an additional investment.

    I have more questions. Can I talk to someone?

    Absolutely! There’s no obligation to work with us when requesting more information, so feel free to fill out the form on this page and someone on our team will get in touch. We’d love to help you determine if connected TV is a good strategy for your business.

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