Crafting marketing campaigns to build awareness

MHP/Team SI’s data-centric, omnichannel TraDigital™ strategies enable B2G companies to target decisionmakers and influencers in state, local and federal government agencies to build awareness of services and products to win new contracts.

TraDigital™ Marketing for Businesses Targeting Government


Driving decisions with data

Leaning on our Doppio® data technologies gives you the ability to target government employees by location and title/role, among other demographics and online behaviors, all the way down to a single email and/or physical address.

With Doppio®, our business-to-government campaigns have targeted purchasers, purchasing agents and operations decisionmakers for those companies selling products specifically to government entities. By targeting so specifically, we can reach these individuals, showing your messages on their preferred platforms and channels, reducing waste to gain cost-efficiency.

Doppio® technologies target purchasers and decision makers

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