Crafting TraDigital™ marketing campaigns

MHP/Team SI marketing agency offers full-service, omnichannel TraDigital™ communications that enable higher education institutions to recruit students, cultivate donors and engage alumni.

Traditional + Digital Marketing Strategies = Success for Higher Education


Approaching campaigns with industry insight

Our experience with colleges and universities includes

Empowering your brand through years of experience

MHP/Team SI’s higher ed team of marketing experts has worked for colleges on every level – from community and technical colleges to regional universities, private colleges, research institutions and academic medical centers. Our digital marketing agency has the academic education, practical smarts and deep experience to empower your brand and marketing!

Higher Education Expertise

Data-driven strategies and out-of-the-box creative, focused on the audience journey

Higher Ed Websites

Building a responsive website

Our responsive websites build a strong foundation for every marketing campaign. The website we build for you will begin by investigating current website usage patterns, analytics and audience preferences to develop a solid navigation map and user experience, with audience-centric UX and compliance requirements at the forefront customizing a modern design that appeals to your audiences.

Developing innovative PR strategies

As a well-established, reputable PR firm, the MHP/Team SI’s public relations team works with your communications office to develop innovative strategies that bring awareness about your campus and engage your constituents.

Higher Ed Public Relations
Higher Ed Branding and Creative

Engaging audiences with specific calls to action

Our branding and creative team gives room for each institution to develop a brand that engages all audiences while still having specific, audience-focused calls to action various stakeholder groups. We have experience developing all needed creative assets for a campaign.

Driving marketing decisions with data

The MHP/Team SI omnichannel TraDigital™ process for media planning and placement allows the right message to be placed and seen by the right audience at the right time. Our Doppio® platform provides the data needed to target your prospective students, parents, alumni, donors and other stakeholders according to all sorts of demographic and behavioral data points. 


MHP/Team SI Campaigns

Build Awareness

Build awareness of your university with parents through video and audio ads.

Engage Your Audience

Engage prospective students through search and social media.

Increase Conversions

Use your website to convert audiences into leads with requests for more information, campus tours, applications and registrations.

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