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Personal injury attorney marketing is a niche market. But it’s a niche we know well. We have years of experience in transforming personal injury attorney brands, crafting lead-generating websites and moving potential clients through the marketing funnel.

We know your business. We know your audience. If you’re looking for an experienced personal injury attorney marketing firm, you’ve found one in MHP/Team SI.

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Generating real-world ROI for personal injury attorney practices

Over the course of the last decade, we’ve worked with a prominent Arkansas personal injury practice, Taylor King Law, to transform its image and bring about ROI where it matters most: leads and new cases.

How did we do it? Click the link below to read the case study.

Understanding the client journey

Grasping the client journey – from the first moment of awareness all the way to the post-service experience – is key to producing a high-quality marketing product. Over the past decade of market research and work with personal injury law firms, we’ve been able to develop a complex model which explains every step in the conversion process. We specialize in guiding your potential clients through the journey, making each step of the buying experience easier. This generates high-quality leads and a high conversion rate for your firm.

Mapping out the customer journey
Two people shaking hands to demonstrate trust

Building a trustworthy brand

A trustworthy brand is one of the most valuable assets a company can own. This is particularly true for personal injury lawyers. People who have been in car accidents need and deserve a lawyer they can trust.

In today’s world, authenticity and transparency are paramount for potential customers. Presenting your identity through your marketing channels and aligning it with your firm’s purpose will create a long-lasting impact. Our team can assist in curating a successful brand strategy through our unique MAPS™ (Marketing Analysis and Planning Session) approach.

Marketing across channels

We help clients achieve effective marketing communications through our omnichannel TraDigital™ approach. TraDigital™ blends and intertwines traditional (like word of mouth, earned media, and advertising) and digital (like online display ads, search, paid social, and streaming radio and TV) strategies to create and deploy a multi-faceted, multi-screen and holistic marketing effort. In short, a TraDigital™ marketing approach enables your organization to reach target audiences by way of the multiple channels they prefer.

Send your online leads to the moon with a lead-generating website.

Crafting a lead-generating website

Your personal injury practice’s website is one of the most important marketing tools you can own. A lead-generating website can make the difference in expanding your market growth and boosting revenue. By utilizing our team of web experts, you can create a site that boosts visibility, trust and interest from high-quality leads. You can also gather insights into your client persona to further educate and nurture prospects as they move down the conversion funnel.

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