Connecting telecom providers to prospective customers

The telecom industry is responsible for connecting individuals, businesses and communities, and that’s exactly what we focus on when it comes to collaborating with telecom clients.

At the MHP/Team SI advertising agency, we have helped Fortune 500 companies with business and residential customers repair their brand reputation to reduce churn and to strategically plan and manage omnichannel performance marketing campaigns to gain prospective customers.

Telecom Marketing

Maximizing a TraDigital™ approach to build customer base

Using our TraDigital™ omnichannel approach that maximizes traditional and digital marketing channels, PR and strategic communications, and comprehensive inbound and content marketing tactics, we can help you tell your telecom story and connect with prospective customers.

Our team doesn’t specialize in only one area of telecom advertising and marketing. We are fully-integrated, omnichannel marketing experts. We have telecom experience in:

Understanding how marketing generates revenue

MHP/Team SI works with your telecom business to generate the highest level of revenue from your network and strengthen customer loyalty. We know how competitive the telecom industry is, and we can help your company set itself apart from the pack.

We have a deep bench of telecom experts. They have been challenged by other agencies, audited by consulting firms and pushed to maximize profits and opportunities.

Marketing to generate revenue
Auditing and marketing opportunities

Using data and audits to identify marketing opportunities

Speaking of audits, we also understand that you pay auditors to find mistakes and opportunities, and we understand why that’s important in telecom. It was thorough audits that confirmed to our telecom clients our capability to deliver. We use a data-driven approach (auditors love data, too!) that is laser-focused on user experience, carts and calls. All three of these impact your entire digital marketing campaign and your bottom line.

Everyday is a new day with a new set of challenges facing your telecom team.
Our experience has made us intuitive, nimble and ready. How can we help you?

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