Crafting TraDigital™ marketing for the Tourism & Hospitality industry

MHP/Team SI offers a variety of services to our clients in the tourism industry that help them break through the clutter and get on the map. Our team is equipped, trained and successful in bringing together the application of data-driven strategies across multiple platforms, including, digital and traditional mediapublic relations and event support. Our goal is to help clients achieve their goals utilizing the most current tactics and the application of relevant data.

Tourism Marketing Services
Tourism Events Marketing

Supporting clients with events

We’ve helped many of our tourism clients organize events, promote those events to local media, create supporting materials, and provide on-site event support and guest relations.

Pairing traditional and digital media campaigns

Digital media support is a must in today’s digital age. When it comes to tourism, geographic targeting is important. We have the ability to strategically plan and tailor ad exposure to different audiences across digital platforms, as well as the ability to collect and study data, which makes us capable of guiding tactics based on performance.

Traditional media is an important cornerstone of the advertising industry. From mailers and brochures, to TV, radio, billboards and even bus wraps, we’ve helped our clients reach their audience wherever they are.

Tourism Digital and Traditional Media Support
Public Relations Tourism Support

Providing public relations support

Public relations support is essential when it comes to tying together and reinforcing messaging tactics across various platforms. We help our clients reach out to their audiences by facilitating relationships with media outlets across the state and beyond, and spreading their messages to the appropriate audiences through various platforms.

Let us help you connect with your audience and increase the economic impact of tourism to your city!

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