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2023 Marketing Predictions: Digital Media

2023 marketing predictions in digital media with michael neumann

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to look both back and ahead. That’s why we gathered some of our experts here at MHP/Team SI to take a look at what changes they’ve seen lately, as well as the predictions they have for 2023.

We’re joined by Michael Neumann, our director of digital media, who is going to share with us what trends he sees in the world of digital advertising.

What We Saw in 2022

Last year, Google made two major announcements that will significantly affect search engine marketing for the future. First, the removal of cookies has been delayed once again, now for the end of 2024. This gives marketers more time to find an effective replacement. Second, Google announced the sunsetting of Universal Analytics, to be replaced with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in July 2023. This will dramatically reduce the amount of historical data marketers can maintain and analyze.

A Focus on Consumer Privacy 

A lot of this change has been driven by an increasing demand for privacy from consumers. People don’t like the idea of their personal information floating around freely. However, people do like getting ads that are personalized for them. This dilemma remains unresolved for the time being, just like the cookie problem. 

New privacy legislation is being introduced in several states that is likely to spread, affecting how marketers interact with consumers. This means that the use of first-party data will remain extremely important for advertisers. However, it is also imperative that marketers handle consumer data carefully and transparently. As this a sensitive and complex topic, it’s wise to remain well within laws and regulations. 

Automation and Targeting

Recent legal actions, like the settlement reached by Meta in federal court, have led to a current shift away from discriminatory advertising practices. For this same reason, Google will also be sunsetting its similar audience targeting. Marketers will have to adapt to all of these changes by adopting new strategies such as optimized targeting, audience expansion and Smart Bidding

2023 will be a crucial year for businesses to embrace automation and evolve with the changing landscape. For these strategies to be effective, information online has to be presented clearly and in a way that is easily accessible by search engines.

What Does This Mean for Consumers? 

As the marketing world continues to change, it’s important for businesses as well as consumers to stay informed and engaged. Keep an eye on privacy issues and be mindful of the personal information you share. The problems surrounding consumer privacy won’t disappear without a new solution, so stay updated and stay involved. 

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