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2023 Marketing Predictions: Marketing Technology

2023 Marketing Predictions Marketing technology with pete taylor

Staying on top of trends is necessary as we seek to innovate as an agency. This is especially true as we think about technology. Pete Taylor, our director of marketing technology, sat down with us to discuss the latest trends in automation, data analytics and search engine optimization.

Relax, enjoy the video, and find a full summary below.

SEO Strategies in a Customer First Market

In August 2022, Google introduced its “Helpful Content” update which prioritized high-quality and up-to-date content. With this change, Google started weeding out poorly written AI content, keyword packing and other tricks that were used to manipulate rankings. The focus has shifted to creating engaging and informative content that satisfies consumers’ questions directly and completely.  

All of this is changing for the benefit of the consumer. Another change coming to Google’s search algorithm is the multitasking unified model (MUM). This will cater to the overall intent of a customer’s search. To properly program this, marketers have to look at their business from the perspective of the consumer. Ask the questions they would ask, and include that information in a clear and appealing way. 

Prioritizing Consumer Search Intent

SEO marketing used to take a more narrow approach to each search. Previously, an individual might have to make several separate searches to have everything they’re looking for. Now, Google is taking a more holistic approach, recognizing that people often want more information at once. 

Google is now reorganizing search results based on the perceived consumer intent. It can be good now to generalize and have all of your information readily available, turning what would be several searches into one. To rank well, make sure your content is accessible and easily gathered by automation and search engines. 

Marketing Automation 

Automation has played a major role in improving the overall consumer experience. And as it improves it is becoming more available for even small businesses. These developments are only getting better at personalizing content to provide individuals with the right information at the right time. 

Lately we’ve seen AI infiltrate just about every field and it’s barely scratched the surface. For a long time AI was thought of as something more out of science fiction than a good record keeper. Now that we see how AI can play a realistic and helpful role, it’s time to put it to use. Ultimately it makes us more productive while leaving room for  the human touch.

How Businesses Can Get Started with Marketing Automation in 2023

There are lots of ways to get started. From email marketing to display ads, you want to know your customers and interact with them. Automation can keep track of the data, but it’s up to the marketer to do something with that information. That’s why you invite someone like us to get the machine up and running and keeping an eye on the gears.

Stay on Trend for 2023

Here at MHP/Team SI we take pride in our continued education and we’d like to keep you updated as well. Check out the rest of our 2023 Marketing Predictions and stay up with any changes here on our blog.


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