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5 Tips to Market Your Personal Injury Law Practice

5 marketing tips for personal injury attorneys

The world of marketing is changing and so are the ways people access information. If you’re a personal injury attorney, you need a clear and simple message to cut through the noise and make your brand stand out.

To get you started, we’ve assembled 5 tried-and-true tips for marketing your personal injury law firm. 

1. Focus on Your Messaging 

First, put yourself in the position of a potential client. Given that they’re seeking the service of a personal injury attorney, they’re likely going through a highly stressful time in unfamiliar territory. What they need is someone they feel can be trusted with their given situation. 

Transparency and authenticity are the name of the game in today’s market. Show your potential clients that you’re well-prepared to take on their particular set of challenges. Presenting your business as versed and rehearsed in issues clients face is the first step to displaying authority and building a strong reputation. 

Make it easy on your clients and present information in a clear and accessible way. Anticipate questions clients will ask and have answers readily available. Keeping your message consistent and your information organized helps to reinforce your brand as trustworthy and knowledgeable in your profession. . 

2. Use SEO & SEM to Stand Out on Search

Having a well-organized online presence is crucial for a business to succeed in today’s digital landscape.  To ensure that potential clients can find your business, it’s essential to have effective search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in place. 

Google dominates the search engine marketing game with over 92% of the global SEM share. It also offers options like Local Service Ads and Pay-Per-Click ads that place your business right at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).  This has made it ideal for businesses to optimize their website presence for Google standards, both to have more organic traffic and more effective ads.

To keep up with these rapid changes and achieve better results, consider hiring a marketing service. Our previous work in personal injury lawyer marketing has brought outstanding results. SEM efforts produced an average 74% increase in conversions, and our SEO team brought a 400% increase in website visits via organic search.

If you want to step up our game even more, consider having your site AMP-enabled and hosted on Google’s CDN. These changes improve your SERP ranking, the user experience, and ultimately bring in more clients. 

3. Optimize Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Site for Mobile 

63% of Google traffic in the United States is through a mobile device, and that’s only going to increase. It is crucial for businesses to optimize their websites for mobile devices, as people are known to quickly give up on sites that take too long to load or are difficult to navigate. 

All of this is going to be especially true for personal injury attorneys. Many of your clients aren’t going to be seated at a desktop where they have the time and space to browse. They might be on the scene of an accident where they need information clearly and quickly. 

Adding features like a click-to-call can be additionally helpful, because people like what is simple and easy. If your firm hasn’t optimized its website for easy mobile use, you’re missing out on a major segment of potential clients. 

4. Pay Attention to Traditional Advertising Methods 

Just because the marketing world is changing, however, doesn’t mean that some things won’t stay the same. At MHP/Team SI, we take a TraDigital approach to marketing. A TraDigital strategy intertwines the best aspects of both traditional and digital marketing, and uses them to bolster one another and produce the best possible outcome for a client. 

Though digital marketing is very important, traditional marketing still holds great power. We’ve found that billboards, linear TV and radio ads are effective both in improving awareness and online lead generation.

While tracking the ROI of traditional advertising might not be as clear-cut as its digital counterpart, it’s still possible. Our proprietary reporting platform, Hecate, is able to directly attribute traditional, awareness-building advertisements to increased website traffic. For example, it proved that one of our clients experienced a 56.4% increase in website traffic following the airing of a TV ad. We can then analyze and optimize your campaigns based on that data to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

5. Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions 

Speaking of data… it’s potentially the most important asset your firm owns.

At MHP/Team SI, we say that data drives innovation. Data allows us to quickly identify trends and use them to refine and optimize existing campaigns. Furthermore, we can use that information to set future goals and outline strategies for upcoming campaigns. 

Make sure you are collecting data at every step of the customer journey. Whether that’s ensuring you have the proper tagging in place on your website for Google Analytics or collecting general client demographic data in your CRM, your data empowers your firm for future marketing success.

Want to Chat About Your Injury Law Firm’s Marketing Efforts?

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    Lannie Byrd