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Ask the Experts: Google’s November 30th Core Update

The Director of Analytics and SEO for MHP/TeamSI, John Morgan, sat down with us as part of our Ask the Experts series to discuss the newest core update from Google.

The current Google core algorithm update rollout started on November 17th, and has finished rolling out as of November 30th. Initially, we were worried that this would adversely affect our client’s during the busiest shopping time of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So, we’ve been keeping an eye on ranking fluctuations, and what industries have been impacted the most. As well as the kinds of websites that have been impacted, and the kinds of changes that need to be made to websites in order to compensate for the update.

The effects of the update may not be immediately prevalent. We recommend monitoring your website traffic and search result ranking for about 2 weeks before making judgements.

So far, it’s looking like not a lot of changes will need to be made to a lot of our client websites. Things have been relatively steady. Nobody has seen dramatic decreases in traffic as of yet, which we are excited about. There have been a few cases in the SEO industry where their respective websites were impacted for better or for worse. But other than that, it has been pretty neutral across the board.

We’re going to continue to monitor rankings, of course, and see if Google pushes out any more updates as we continue into the holiday season. We just want to keep you posted, and will keep you posted as more updates roll out.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us and “Ask the Experts”. We are more than happy to help.

For more information on Google’s core updates, and potential ways to remedy any negative effects that may come with it, you can check Google’s official guide on core updates here: