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Executive Takeaways: Banks and Google’s Generative AI Algorithm-Navigating the New Landscape in Digital Marketing

Banks and Google's Generative AI Algorithm: Navigating the New Landscape in Digital Marketing for Financial Institutions

The advent of generative AI in Google’s search algorithm marks a pivotal shift in digital marketing, particularly impacting the banking sector. This executive takeaway explores the consequences of these technological advancements and offers strategic insights for banks to adapt and thrive in this new digital era. The beta version of Google’s new algorithm can be played with by visiting Labs.Google.

Executive Takeaways 

The Era of Generative AI in Search

Transformative Impact Across Industries

  • Generative AI is revolutionizing search behaviors and digital interactions.
  • The shift to conversational AI-driven searches is particularly pronounced in the financial sector.

Banking Sector Implications

  • Banks must realign their digital strategies to accommodate AI-driven search methodologies.
  • Emphasizing expertise and authoritative content becomes crucial for digital visibility.

Google’s Revised Personalized Ads Policy

Policy Changes Effective February 2024

  • Google will impose limitations on personalized advertising, particularly in sensitive categories like finance.
  • The policy bars targeting based on demographics like gender, age, and ZIP code in the U.S. and Canada.
  • You will still be able to target by City.

Enforcement and Compliance

  • Policy enforcement begins on February 28, 2024, with a six-week ramp-up period.
  • Initial non-compliance will result in warnings, offering a buffer before account suspension.

Strategic Adaptation for Banking Institutions


  • Through Doppio®, we have access to more than 200,000 data layers that we can apply to your banking and financial marketing messages to ensure they hit the right audience.
  • Our analysts make strategic recommendations on converting visitors into leads and customers.
  • FLA-compliant financial marketing strategies, MHP/Team SI have data sets that can directly target people looking for loans.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • The transition from traditional keyword-centric approaches to a focus on subject-matter expertise.
  • Content strategy for banks must now prioritize depth and quality of information.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

  • Adjustments to SEM and PPC strategies are necessary to align with broader search term relevance.
  • Budget optimization becomes crucial with expected increases in Google ad expenditures.

The Evolution of Mobile Search

Increasing Dominance of Mobile Platforms

  • Mobile searches are becoming the primary method for financial inquiries.
  • Generative AI’s impact is more pronounced on mobile, enhancing user experience through personalization.

Challenges for Local Banks

  • Smaller banks compete with larger global institutions for visibility in mobile search results.
  • A strategic focus on local SEO and mobile-friendly content is essential.

Best Practices and Recommendations

Developing AI-Adaptive Content

  • Banks should invest in developing content that aligns with AI-driven search trends.
  • Content should be tailored to answer specific, conversational queries from consumers.

Leveraging Data Analytics

  • Utilize data analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences.
  • Analytics will guide content creation and SEM strategies to target the right audience effectively.

Embracing Digital Transformation

  • Banks should embrace digital transformation holistically, considering aspects like website user experience, mobile optimization, and AI integration.

Future-Proofing Digital Strategies

  • Continuous monitoring of AI advancements and policy changes is crucial.
  • Proactive adaptation ensures banks remain competitive and compliant.


Integrating generative AI in search engines and changing ad policies represent a significant challenge and opportunity for the banking sector. Banks must:

  • Refine their SEO and SEM strategies to align with AI-driven dynamics.
  • Focus on creating authoritative, AI-compatible content.
  • Enhance their digital presence, especially on mobile platforms.
MHP Team SI was named a Google Premier Partner for 2023.

For comprehensive guidance and collaboration, visit or connect with MHP/Team SI. Together, as a Google Premier Partner, we can navigate these changes and optimize your bank’s digital strategies for the future. Bank Marketers should see how Google’s Generative AI will impact your business by signing up for the beta version at Labs.Google.


Tim Whitley