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How Analytics & Reporting Helps Our Clients Thrive

When it comes to understanding online customer behavior and increasing profitability, a firm grip on analytics is crucial. At MHP/Team SI, data plays a very important role in crafting winning strategies for each and every client we work with. For over a decade, we’ve been using reliable, up-to-date products to measure performance and maximize efficiency. Our experience and expertise allow us to improve ROI and help our clients consistently hit their KPIs. The best part? We’re only getting more innovative as the years pass.

What We’ve Done

At MHP/Team SI, we aren’t strangers to the telecom industry. In fact, we’ve helped several telecommunications companies find success over the years—one of the most notable being Kinetic by Windstream. Much of that success stems from being able to count on in-depth analytics and reporting, and we have a couple of examples to share below.

Kinetic by Windstream: E-Commerce

When our team started working with Kinetic by Windstream, the telecom company’s e-commerce website functionality was outdated. Their cart experience required a makeover, complete with different options and buying-decision paths to guide potential customers to the best solutions for them. 


  • To improve the customer experience & streamline the stages of the buying process that caused potential customers to drop out before conversion.
  • To track KPIs and generate purposeful reporting data. 
  • To pinpoint weak areas and draw attention to hidden opportunities.

MHP/Team SI delivered by providing a solution that transformed the buying process and served up meaningful reports with actionable insights into customer behavior, sales and growth across 18 states.

First, we did away with the confusing tracking and reporting tools that were in use at the time and switched to user-friendly Google Analytics 360. Google’s tools provided advanced customization, scalability and reporting that was easy to understand. To take care of Kinetic’s complex tracking needs, our team also set up hundreds of custom tags in Google Tag Manager to define and identify data-layer events coming from the telecom company’s e-commerce cart process. 

To put it simply, these changes gave us access to detailed tracking and reporting in Google Data Studio, with unsampled reporting data available at our fingertips through Google Analytics. Our team’s thorough understanding of the newest Google data analysis tools and our years of experience grasping complex customer behaviors online took Kinetic from a place of confusion to a place of deep understanding when it came to their customer base. They were able to pull convenient, easy-to-read reports and use that information to strategize and make meaningful decisions that would help move potential customers through the purchasing funnel.

Windstream: Connected TV

Windstream needed to deliver TV ads to potential customers based on their zip codes, which was something that was almost unheard of in the past. We got innovative and worked a little magic to make it happen with Connected TV using Doppio technology. We created well-defined audiences based on zip codes, estimated the number of households and developed a media plan designed to prompt people to visit the Windstream website. During the flights, our team was able to analyze viewers as they watched the ads on television and track the actions they performed across their devices (such as desktops, laptops and smartphones). 

This gave Windstream exceptional levels of reporting that would have been impossible with traditional tactics. There was a huge increase in subscribers among their target audiences and we could directly trace that success back to our Connected TV campaigns. Data and numbers don’t lie! 

Stay Tuned for What’s Next

At MHP/Team SI, our experts have learned a lot from the tools we have available today. In our effort to continually innovate, we’ve been working on some exciting new tools that our clients will no doubt benefit from in the future. We look forward to letting you know all about our new offerings in the coming months! Keep an eye out.

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Caleb Byrd