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How Syncing a TraDigital Strategy Helps Grow a Business

At MHP/Team SI, we coined the term “TraDigital.” A TraDigital marketing approach blends the best of digital marketing and traditional marketing to create a holistic and unified marketing strategy.

Over the years, we’ve seen TraDigital advertising success across a variety of industries. One of our favorite success stories, though, is that of Taylor King Law.

Taylor King Law Firm is a personal injury firm that began in 1994 in small-town Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Since then, they’ve expanded to seven offices across the state and over 20 staff attorneys.

MHP/Team SI first partnered with the injury law practice in 2016. Since then, our unified TraDigital strategic marketing approach has resulted in a tremendous growth in new cases, leads and revenue.

How did we do it? We’ll break it down in three steps.

1. Build a digital foundation.

One of the most important assets a modern business can own is a strong digital foundation. Your online presence is the new front door of your business. It is the building block upon which your business grows.

This should include a lead-generating website, a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy and engaging social media channels. The goal of these three pieces is to drive organic traffic to a business’s web channels.

With Taylor King Law, we overhauled the firm’s website and implemented SEO best practices. This resulted in a 400% increase in organic visits from search engines.

2. Sync a TraDigital Media Strategy.

Most businesses today run both digital and traditional advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to unify these two sides of the coin in a comprehensive strategy.

A TraDigital approach to media spending looks to meet a target audience where they stand, regardless of the channel. If a business smartly utilizes traditional and digital media in parallel, they will reap the benefits of their labor.

The first step of our TraDigital marketing strategy with Taylor King Law was to develop quality creative. We built creative assets like banner ads, billboards and commercials around the trustworthy nature of the practice’s owner, Taylor King. This creative work set the firm apart from their competitors.

But what good is quality creative if no one sees it?

We utilized Doppio, our proprietary digital media placement software, to target key audiences with our ads. We ran billboards in high-traffic service areas. Finally, we placed our commercials on strategic TV broadcasts and as pre-roll for online videos.

All of these media placements are informed by our data-driven persona development approach. Using proprietary, first-party data, we come to understand a business’s clientele and their customer journey.

What were the results?

Our TraDigital media approach brought a wealth of customers into the business.

  • Search engine marketing (SEM) efforts saw a 74% increase in conversions.
  • Doppio display ads saw a 2000% increase in conversions.
  • Online video had a 591% increase in clicks.
  • Broadcast TV ads attributed a 54.6% increase to website traffic
  • Billboards drew 435 million impressions each year

3. Generate Quality Leads.

This leads us to our final point. Impressions, clicks, and engagement are great. Yet, they don’t contribute much to your business if they do not result in revenue.

Most businesses have one goal in advertising: show me the money!

Our TraDigital marketing strategies nearly guarantee return on investment (ROI). The money you spend on advertising will come back into your business with interest.

So what were the results of our personal injury law marketing campaign with Taylor King?

  • Growth in new cases
  • Growth in case revenue

Could your business benefit from a synchronized TraDigital strategy?

A TraDigital marketing strategy is not industry-specific. We have experience marketing across a variety of sectors, including telecommunications, healthcare, education and e-commerce.

Every business in every industry needs a digital foundation, a unified marketing strategy and more leads. MHP/Team SI holds the experience to make that happen.

If you think your business’s marketing efforts could benefit from a TraDigital approach, get in touch with us! We’d love to partner with you and see your business win.


    Caleb Byrd