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Mangan Holcomb Partners brand adds new energy to proven philosophy

In order to be effective, marketing communicators must be deliberate.  It’s not enough to just create a cool commercial. However, one can’t simply put out a message that says “This is the best product or service” and expect people to buy in. The best marketing messages are both intentional and inventive.

When you combine those two words, you get Mangan Holcomb Partner’s powerful new brand direction: Intentionally Inventive.

“Intentionally Inventive is a manifestation of the philosophy we’ve always had, just a simpler way of expressing it,” says Chip Culpepper, chief creative officer at MHP.

“The inventive is there to help the message break through the market clutter, but the message itself has to be intentional – it must have a purpose,” Culpepper says. “If it’s not delivering on its purpose, it doesn’t matter how inventive it might be.”

Culpepper notes that the agency often has clients that come in seeking to refresh their brands “and we’re no different. We’ve gone through the same processes we would lead them through.”

“To be successful, you have to take a thoughtful, respectful approach to a client’s objectives and then address those through the arts – photography, cinematography, art direction, the Inventive – and sciences where we apply communications discipline, social science, economics, market dynamics, media channels and analytics – the Intentional.”

Throughout the agency’s 43-year history – of which Culpepper has been present for nearly half – there have been other iterations of the brand, he recalls.

“When we were known as Mangan Holcomb & Partners, we played up the AND to represent the wide range of services we provide. After that we became Mangan Holcomb Rainwater Culpepper and we chose “People Energy Ideas.” About 10 years ago, that evolved into “Power Ideas” all of these brand philosophies are somewhat manifested in Intentionally Inventive. It’s true to who and what we’ve been.”