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It’s Real: TraDigital™ Omnichannel Marketing Brings Messages and Consumers Together

TraDigital™ Marketing Connects Messages with Consumers

By Julie C. Robbins and Colbie Jones
Whether driving sales or driving awareness, implementing an omnichannel approach to marketing gives your brand the differentiating factors to turn upper-funnel “all audiences” into lower-funnel “my audience” who actively engage with your brand, loyally purchase your brand and become your brand’s greatest ambassadors.

TraDigital™ omnichannel marketing from MHP/Team SI – Arkansas’ second-oldest and largest integrated marketing communications firm – is the holistic marketing and brand experience for your audiences. We lean on research and data to identify opportunities and support strategies to maximize earned, loaned, paid and borrowed communications channels to engage with your audiences – on their terms – at every stage of their journey through the marketing funnel. Our account services teams are experts at guiding and counseling brands from omnichannel marketing planning through tactical, boots-on-the-ground implementation to achieve the desired business results.

Does it work? Yes, it works. The proof is in the pudding. It’s real. I don’t know who said it, so I won’t take credit: “Real is rare, but it does exist.” It really exists right here at MHP/Team SI with our proven, out-of-the-box, really remarkable TraDigital™ omnichannel marketing approach.

Read on for real results making a real impact in the real lives of real people.

Every year, nearly 50,000 people (that’s 130 people each day) die nationwide from an opioid overdose. Over the past 18 years, opioid overdose in our home state has increased by 300%, partly due to over-prescribing; Arkansas has the second-highest opioid prescription rate in the country. This is one of many factors that influence the more than 400 deaths in Arkansas annually from opioid overdose; that’s more than one of our neighbors in this small state each day dying from an overdose.

In response, the University of Arkansas System’s Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) joined a network of state agencies, businesses, civic and nonprofit organizations, municipalities, law-enforcement agencies and health care providers to elevate awareness and understanding about the opioid problem in Arkansas.

For its part of the larger effort, CJI created the Arkansas Overdose Prevention Program (AOPP) to 1) educate Arkansans about the newly enacted Joshua Ashley-Pauley “911 Good Samaritan” Law that shields those who report an overdose from prosecution because they are also using, and 2) to provide education about the importance of naloxone in treating overdoses.

MHP/Team SI launched a TraDigital™ omnichannel “Don’t Run. Call 911.” marketing campaign for CJI. We blended traditional and nontraditional communications strategies to maximize CJI’s reach and effectiveness. All the communications disciplines were put into play – that holistic approach I mentioned earlier: brand and message development, creative production, PR and community outreach, content development, website and app development, and traditional and digital placed media.

And, it’s working. The results are real. In one year alone, our omnichannel approach garnered 91.2 million total media impressions, but more importantly, over two years, 371 Arkansas lives were saved from an opioid overdose. Real people. Real lives. Real success.

When you are wanting real results, we are ready to deliver them. Contact us today to learn more about what a TraDigital™ omnichannel marketing plan can do for your brand.