Client Campaign Accomplishments through TraDigital™ Marketing

Data is the currency of the internet. At MHP/Team SI, we follow data because it can tell us where your marketing campaigns are working and where we need to make changes. By practicing data-driven marketing, we’re not just trying to reach a higher number of impressions on your ads each month. Instead, we’re looking to reach the right person at the right time with the right content at the right frequency. These data-driven methods can be the difference in gaining or losing a customer.

Doppio® is MHP/Team SI’s own proprietary system that pairs the most sophisticated, aggregated and automated data analytics platform available with the insights and instincts of our certified staff to optimize campaign effectiveness. Through Doppio®, MHP/Team SI has access to hundreds of thousands of different data layers that we can apply to our clients’ marketing messages to ensure they hit the right audience.

In January 2021, our TraDigital™ Dashboard recorded the following data points delivered to our clients across North America.

MHP/Team SI created 30,418 digital ads for our clients that resulted in 83,163,251 targeted online impressions. The impressions delivered were to a specific audience with a very specific goal as each client has its own objective, key performance indicators (KPIs) and strategy.

Those ads generated 188,184 leads tracked on digital channels and included 1,736 social media leads and 48,215 calls for our clients. In the future, we expect this number to increase as we work on other ways of tracking offline leads.

Connected TV was used for 123 ads for our clients to push their message to a direct television audience. When customers use TVs that connect to the internet (those receiving Netflix, Hulu, etc.), we get access to their household IP address and can see what they are in the market for based on their searches. This data helps us determine how and when we launch an ad in front of that particular audience. So, with Connected TV, you aren’t wanting millions of irrelevant impressions, but instead, you want to hit the right audience. In January 2021, the 123 campaigns resulted in 2,123,131 video starts that connected our clients to the RIGHT customers. According to eMarketer, experts estimate spending in 2021 on CTV ads will increase to $6.73 billion.

Our Google My Business locations ended the month with 1,690,000 searches.

At MHP/Team SI, data drives decisions for our clients’ TraDigital™ marketing plans and is what helps their campaigns succeed. By analyzing data and implementing strategic techniques, we see how digital marketing can improve business and generate leads.

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