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MHP scores big with Dave & Buster’s grand opening

MHP Team SI group photo

Arkansas Business recently published an article featuring the great work being done at MHP. In the article, “Mangan’s Buzzy Work Pays Off, for Openers”, Sharon Tallach Vogelpohl and the MHP team are highlighted as “veterans of free media.” Check out how MHP scored big during the grand opening of Dave & Buster’s in the case study below. 

The Dave & Buster’s concept was born in Little Rock in the 1970s, when founders Dave Corriveau and Buster Corley decided to create a restaurant that would combine the best in food and entertainment. Arkansans were ecstatic when news broke that Dave & Buster’s, the entertainment restaurant super-chain, would be opening its first-ever Arkansas location.

After great anticipation, Dave & Buster’s opened its doors near the Outlets of Little Rock in June 2016, and Mangan Holcomb Partners was tasked with promoting its grand opening.

Targeting central Arkansas adults, MHP’s objectives were to:

Host a successful grand opening VIP event and develop a guest list of more than 3,000
Reach the venue’s maximum capacity of 1,500
Secure media coverage from every central Arkansas news outlet

The agency was placed in charge of targeting a key demographic known as PTYAs (aka Play Together Young Adults). To ensure that the objectives were met, MHP took a two-prong approach: 1) Host a successful grand opening event by inviting key PTYAs from sports leagues, young professional organizations and alumni groups, and 2) Reach mass PTYA audiences via media outreach. 

The agency began by collecting the email addresses and contact information for various PTYA groups and organizations. The Little Rock Kickball League, boasting a member list of more than 2,500, was a sizable resource for MHP. In addition, the agency also extended invitations to the Junior League of Little Rock, sorority and fraternity alumni groups, young professional organizations, and more.

The event was fully booked within 24 hours. Over 3,000 people RSVP’d for the event and over 1,500 attended the VIP party, reaching the venue’s maximum capacity. 

In addition to organizing the VIP party, the agency coordinated a media day where media personalities were invited to a VIP lunch and private tour of Dave & Buster’s. Personalities were also provided $10 Power Play cards to play arcade games at the entertainment restaurant. This aspect of the opening was a huge success, with more than a dozen media personalities in attendance. Personalities posted on social media during the event and mentioned Dave & Buster’s throughout various traditional and social media channels. 

The Dave & Buster’s grand opening was a big win for MHP, securing over 60 interviews and media placements garnering over 4 million earned media impressions. To see what Arkansas Business had to say about Dave & Buster’s grand opening success: