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MHP/Team SI Promotes Levenson to Director of Growth

Andrew Levenson

MHP/Team SI announced that Andrew Levenson has been promoted to director of growth. This position demonstrates the agency’s commitment to both innovation and strategy.

As the new director of growth, Levenson will focus on growing the capabilities of the firm’s customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation program, Nurture, and growing agency revenue by identifying and implementing new and innovative tactics and programs.

Levenson will also work closely with and train the account service team to implement various new tactics and programs to ensure the agency continues to provide its clients with top-notch, industry-level services.

“Andrew’s keen eye for innovation and strategic mindset are extremely valuable assets to our firm,” said Tim Whitley, CEO and CIO of MHP/Team SI Family of Companies. “His ability to seek out new endeavors and creatively lead the implementation of these new programs plays an integral role in maintaining our firm’s growth in developing technology and innovating the way we target consumers behaviors.”

Formerly a growth manager, Levenson led the design and implementation of Nurture, as well as identified new and innovative tactics for SI EQ clients like Facebook Marketplace for Business, Website Chatbots, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and more.

Levenson has been with MHP/Team SI since 2019 and has worked in both an account manager and a senior account executive capacity where he implemented digital and traditional strategies and tactics to help clients achieve their business goals.

A Columbus, Ohio, native, Levenson received a bachelor of arts degree in marketing from Harding University. Additionally, he has volunteered for the past two years to assist in leading the digital media team for the World Woman Summit and has been involved in Create Little Rock and the American Marketing Association. Before being employed at MHP/Team SI, Levenson worked as a digital marketing manager at Thoma Thoma and freelanced in the social media realm.