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New statewide hub bolsters local business, nonprofit efforts in Arkansas

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Team SI/Mangan Holcomb Partners (SI/MHP) and the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau (LRCVB) announce the launch of a statewide, one-stop resource that provides a comprehensive, reliable list of information on local businesses, restaurants, services, and other essential information for Arkansans called

“In these unprecedented and challenging times, LRCVB is doing everything we can to support our community businesses. There’s never been a better time for cooperation and strategic thinking,” said Gretchen Hall, president and CEO of LRCVB. “We’ve seen the people in our community come together in inspiring ways to help each other. Uplift Arkansas is a strategic and practical way to share community resources and pull together.”

SI/MHP and LRCVB partnered their resources to help Arkansans serve their communities. is a community-wide hub of information that businesses and nonprofits can use to update consumers and donors with their availability, and the public can get updates on their favorite stores and charities. Users can quickly and easily claim existing listings or create new listings to keep communities informed about the efforts of local organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Claimed listings can be updated in real-time, which makes this resource particularly user-friendly and an asset for local businesses and nonprofits to provide immediate updates to consumers.

“The local business and nonprofit communities make up the heart of our state,” said Sharon Tallach Vogelpohl, principal and president of MHP/SI. “We are proud to do what we can as an agency to support these partners.”

Team SI received direct assistance from Google for costs associated with Google Maps and Google Places APIs, naming the organization as part of its Crisis Response Team.

“Innovative technology is the best way to help bring Arkansans together in a time of uncertainty,” said Tim Whitley, CEO and Founder of Team SI. “Our team has been working hard with LRCVB and Google to bring our communities something that will enable us to band together during this challenging time.” is a free website dedicated to uplifting local businesses and nonprofits. The community service project was created by Arkansans to help Arkansans in need. No profits are being made, no ads are being sold and no premier listings are being promoted. For more information, visit