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Precisely Targeting Customers Shopping for the Best Mortgage Rate through Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing Data Assets for Banking

You will not find another data-driven marketing firm like MHP/Team SI that understands your audience or that knows how to specifically target them with absolute precision.

We use data and the digital paths of your current and potential consumers to inform every marketing decision.

Doppio® is how we know who to target. Doppio® is our own proprietary system that pairs the most sophisticated aggregated and automated data analytics platform available with insights and instincts of our certified professional staff to optimize campaign effectiveness. Our data analysts know how to convert visitors into leads and customers.

The data you are about to see shows how effective Doppio® is in targeting people who are in the sales funnel for a mortgage.

Doppio® is designed to collect all kinds of data from 188 different data partners. Today’s marketers must use as much data as possible to cull the non-performers and to amplify the high performers.

For example, if you had a goal of targeting consumers who are looking to refinance, MHP/Team SI would include more than 14 different data partners along with 20+ different segments of data to launch a niche campaign that would drive refinance business to you. In month two of the campaign, you would see us glean the non-performers and allocate more of the budget to the high performers.

A question we get all the time – with all of your experience, don’t you already know the non-performers? That is assuming the research process for every consumer in every state is the same as they shop for a new mortgage or look to refinance. However, not only will each data partner perform differently in each state but also each county. That is why we built Doppio® to house all of the data to not just single out one or two providers. We must test them ALL.

The data helps drive the relevancy of the messages we push to each audience. This data would apply to programmatic display, video and search ads. The people in the marketing funnel would ONLY be targeted with hyper-relevant advertising.

It is time to embrace data-driven marketing. It is time to look at how specific your messages can be to an individual’s needs.

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