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Reaching Debit & Credit Card Users through Data-Driven Financial Marketing

Marketing Data Assets for Banking

You will not find another data-driven marketing firm like MHP/Team SI that understands your audience or that knows how to specifically target them with absolute precision.

We use data and the digital paths of your current and potential consumers to inform every marketing decision we make.

Doppio® is how we know who to target. Doppio® is our own proprietary system that pairs the most sophisticated, aggregated and automated data analytics platform available with insights and instincts of our certified professional staff to optimize campaign effectiveness. Our data analysts know how to convert visitors into leads and customers.

Data is the currency of the internet. Doppio® has collected the data of people who hold credit and debit cards as it is sold by Visa, MasterCard, Epsilon, ACXM, Datonics, Datalogix, Experian, etc.

Advertising is the currency of television, print and radio. These mediums are built to be less complex and to target a broad base of consumers.

Since Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, etc. have entered the marketing space, that has all changed. These companies realized in the early 2000s that niche/targeted marketing for advertisers would be the future of marketing. They were correct and consumers accept and respect niche marketing.

Let’s apply this data to real life examples:

  1. Your bank is looking to market to frequent ATM users who have an above-average balance and are carrying a Visa card. Why would you be looking for something so niche? Well, say one of your objectives is to increase transactions with personalized debit cards. Instead of running mass media ads, you could specifically target video, audio, content and display ads to the people who are identified as your “perfect consumers.” MHP/Team SI would have data sets specific to these consumers layered on to our marketing channels and would launch with more than 15 campaigns utilizing different data types. We will optimize down to less than five datasets to maximize conversions. Our marketing assets would be video, audio, content and display ads.
  2. You are looking to increase your amount of credit card holders. Simple! Say we know that consumers will start searching for a credit card XX days prior to making the decision on which credit card to sign up for. During their research period, we can target these individuals with video, audio, content and display ads that provide them the research and benefits as to why they should sign up with YOU.
  3. Your bank comes out with its own “black card” but only wants to target individuals with a high enough credit balance and a high-income level. You are not able to mass market this message because you do not want the negativity of people who apply but are denied due to not fitting the profile. When this happens, consumers will leave reviews and talk negatively about you on social media. Niche marketing eliminates those concerns. We would have the following data sets layered on to our marketing channels: income, credit score, in-market for credit cards, high credit card balance, active users and/or premium cardholders. We would have more than 15 different types of campaigns running to serve this one purpose: “black card” sign-ups. Our marketing assets would be video, audio, content and display ads.

It is time to embrace data-driven marketing. It is time to look at how specific your messages can be to an individual’s needs.

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Whitney Burgess