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Strategic M&A Advisors – Client Spotlight

Strategic M&A Advisors

Strategic M&A Advisors (SMAA) is a client who specializes in helping business owners of middle-market and lower-middle-market companies accomplish their business exit strategies. SMAA approached MHP/TeamSI to help them solve a problem: how can they quickly and easily communicate who they are and what they do to business owners looking to retire and maximize their business’ value? Business decision makers are often pressed for time, overwhelmed with content, and regularly burdened with big picture decisions. To reach them, SMAA needed a message that not only stood out, but got straight to business. 

Our Involvement

To accomplish this, the Agency worked closely with SMAA to develop a script that would speak directly to the points of contention that business owners face in transition; literally answering the questions that keep them up at night. This script was then developed into a series of animated videos that could be used on the website, the SMAA Youtube channel, and other social media platforms. 

These videos were designed to be eye-catching, “thumb-stopping,” and easily digestible by decision makers, making them the perfect tool to spread the word of Strategic M&A Advisors across channels. The videos were also linked in QR Codes on printed direct mail pieces and advertisements to reach audience members with more traditional content consumption habits. Through the power of Tradigital™ marketing, Strategic M&A Advisor’s videos have now been watched over 12,000 times by core audience members, directly resulting in 2.6K website views, all  over the course of roughly three months. And the views are still climbing!

Let’s Connect

Working with SMAA has been a pleasure, and a fun way to put our knowledge and expertise to the test. To see an example of the work we accomplished with them, you can view one of the animated videos that we wrote the script for here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us! We would be more than excited to connect with you.