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Your Data Trail and Where It Leads

MHP Team SI group photo

The issue of data privacy is becoming more and more critical in the marketing industry. On Data Privacy Day, Jan. 28, our COO Lannie Byrd spoke with Fox 16 about why data privacy matters for consumers and how it is used in the marketing industry.

While data privacy has always been on the minds of consumers, it has taken greater importance since a lot of our data has been digitized. A single company can host the data of millions of people and that company has to keep that information safe to protect those peoples’ data security.

“You are creating a data trail with whatever you do. Whether you are shopping online or in-person, when you use a credit card, when you log on to a website, even when you open your phone and check your weather,” Byrd said. “It’s important to realize all those different places you are sharing data and know who you are sharing the data with, what they are doing with it and who that company is sharing the data with. It’s a trail of breadcrumbs.”

Listen to the full interview to hear Byrd’s predictions on data privacy trends in the marketing industry for 2021.