I know, I know… 2023 feels like an eternity away. Isn’t it still 2020? But just like that feeling, time rolls on. We’re closing in on the final months of 2022 and you don’t want to be caught behind. 

At MHP/Team SI, our PR team keeps its ear to the ground for trends, tips and best practices to be sure we’re helping our clients present themselves in the best way to their publics, but the real secret sauce is looking ahead. Statista reports that ​​the global PR market is worth $88 billion. By 2026, it’s projected to grow to a value of $129 billion. With that much investment, you better be sure you’re effectively driving measurable results. 

Through research, testing and experience, we’ve identified three trends to keep your brand ahead of the PR game for 2023:

Trend #1: SEO-Driven PR

SEO used to be a word that made me itch, but the reality is that SEO is the bread and butter of digital PR. Utilizing SEO strategies, including keywords and backlinking, in your digital content is just another way to gain attention and drive meaningful traffic to your website, creating measurable ROI. Whether it’s a press release, thought leadership piece, blog or social media post, SEO is a crucial tool in the PR professional’s pocket. 

Trend #2: It’s Time to Sunset the Mass Pitch

If you haven’t already, 2023 is the year to kill your mass pitches. Not only are they dangerous (a small misstep in an email can burn a relationship for life), they’re ineffective and, frankly, rude. Shrinking newsrooms mean outlets have even fewer resources and journalists have even less time. Don’t offend them by wasting their time with a mass pitch. Focus on quality over quantity and do the research it takes to craft a unique, specific and compelling pitch. 

Trend #3: Use Humor

Traditional journalists might cringe, but relationship-building (the true foundation of PR) is impossible without personality. Marketing Dive recently shared an article noting “The Happiness Report” by Oracle and author/podcaster Gretchin Rubin found that 90 percent of people are more likely to remember ads that are funny and 72 percent would choose a humorous brand over the competition. Those are staggering numbers. As PR professionals, we know better than anyone that brands are made of people. Utilizing humor in your storytelling, both in pitches and content production, will set you apart in 2023. 

Are you thinking ahead? The future of building relationships between brands and their publics is data-driven, specific and personal. Building connections doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right strategy, the right message and the right team in place, 2023 could present an opportunity for real growth and success. Contact our public relations and strategic communications team today and learn more about how we can help you win in 2023.


Mary Claire Imbro