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TraDigital™ Design Builds Brand Loyalty Through Consistent Creative

Interactive Creative for TraDigital™ Marketing Campaigns

By Marty Duvall

A TraDigital™ marketing approach is a science in creating an emotional connection with your target audience through a strategic blend of traditional and digital marketing.

Visibility, consistency and effort made are players to a successful TraDigital™ marketing campaign and, if executed well, these elements ensure a sense of security with your audience and customers.

From the YouTube pre-roll, to the door hanger, billboard, display ads and all the way to the landing page, a TraDigital™ plan can create an experience for your customer and allow them to become loyal to your brand or fall even more in love. If any of those pieces are confusing or fall short, the experience can change dramatically, leaving your future customer insecure about your company and/or brand.

Kristy Gulsvig from Gigasavvy explained it well: “If you want to forge a connection with customers, you have to speak to them in a way that shows you understand what matters to them.”

This couldn’t be more true. As your customers expand over a multitude of forever-shifting media outlets, your marketing efforts should as well.

For MHP/Team SI’s Interactive Department, the TraDigital™ marketing approach is very exciting. We are allowed to fill in the gaps that traditional marketing leaves. A print ad in a magazine is static. It, for the most part, cannot move. You are fixed to a specific space where your messaging has to confide. But, with digital marketing, there are many more possibilities. Motion and interactivity can bring your marketing to life. Digital marketing can give your customer an experience which excites them and sends them on the path to brand loyalty and trust in your company, product or brand.

The traditional marketing system we are all familiar with is an everlasting power. Combining it and shaping it with a digital mindset only makes your reach and presence much more powerful.