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Hiring and training TraDigital™-minded employees

TraDigital™ Human Resources

By Lauralee Scroggins and Kristen Wilson

MHP/Team SI has ingrained TraDigital™ tactics in all facets of our organization, including in our training and recruiting efforts. We work to offer a TraDigital™ environment where our employees grow their skills in both traditional and digital marketing. Not only does this lead to well-rounded employees, but it means our employees are able to implement well-rounded campaigns for our clients.

Most marketers know that digital marketing is a must-have for businesses to thrive today. At least 60% of marketers have moved their efforts to digital platforms. But traditional marketing is worth investing in, too, because when paired together, TraDigital™ campaigns can hit multiple audiences — from those who like to receive flyers in the mail to those who would rather click on an online advertisement to be taken directly to a business’s products and specials. This is why we hire employees who are well versed in both sets of marketing tactics.

Skilled TraDigital™ Recruits

The marketing world is constantly changing and there are always new innovations and new marketing tactics to be learned. It is because of this that we look for potential employees with an array of marketing skills. Some of the inherently traditional tactics that encompass a TraDigital™ skill set include copywriting and event marketing.

Whether we need an employee to create a client’s new TV spot or a blog for their website, at the heart of each marketing piece is a story. Copy written for an online ad can translate to a billboard or a radio commercial and can also be used in a podcast. As marketing technologies evolve, it’s imperative that our employees identify and keep up with the trends, but they will always need to know how to write in a way that develops a brand’s identity and connects brands with the audiences they are trying to reach.

Event marketing is another traditional marketing tactic that translates well into an overall TraDigital™ strategy. While traditional event marketing may involve organizing a conference or hosting a client party, event marketing also carries over into the digital world through live online events, such as webinars and Facebook Live videos.

We want to meet our clients’ marketing needs in one spot, which is why we look to hire employees who are well-versed in both traditional and digital marketing methods.

TraDigital™ Trainings

While we look for recruits who can transfer their skills onto both traditional and digital platforms, we know that in the ever-changing world of marketing, continued education is the best way for employees to keep up with trends on both.

That’s why we are constantly encouraging our employees to continue their education within the marketing industry. To promote this continued education, we conduct regular SI University (SIU) trainings which are open to all employees, regardless of their role within the organization. These SIU trainings cover the gamut of TraDigital™ topics and are generally hosted by our in-house TraDigital™ experts.

Our SIU trainings have provided insight into various topics, such as copywriting guidelines, Connected TV, video marketing, tactics developed for specific industries and more.

If you are interested in joining our team and growing your TraDigital™ skill set, visit our Careers page to see our job openings.