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Video Marketing in a COVID-19 World

Video Marketing in a Covid-19 World

Friday, March 13, 2020, was the last day the majority of our staff was physically together. Since then – like the rest of the world – we have been figuring out how to get our work done somewhere other than an office setting.

Fortunately, we’re professional problem solvers.

With several years’ worth of experience of having remote employees spread out across the country, communicating about and managing client projects came with relatively few unexpected hurdles. Live video conferencing quickly replaced regular face-to-face briefings and team meetings; however, a client challenge rapidly took shape that would require human-to-human interaction in some form: How could we continue to produce video content for our clients who had messages to distribute?

Our videographers and producers are used to being out of the office, and having to adapt to whatever conditions the environment may throw at them … usually that mostly means a contingency plan in case of rain.

This is different.

The answers didn’t all come at once, but we’ve actually worked through a number of ways to create, film, record, edit and distribute strategic/branding as well as tactical/promotional video efficiently, creatively and most importantly … do it all safely for everyone involved.

The earliest of our deadlines were met primarily with freshly re-cut edits of previously shot footage. We often added a new voiceover and/or music remotely provided by trusted studios (who have long been skilled at having far-flung talent dial in for seamless voice recording sessions).

With location shoots with real people appearing on camera suddenly problematic, we also turned to our animators. Through the use of motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations, still images (both stock and original) and drones, along with a mixed bag of available footage, our team turned out a multitude of new, original productions of a variety of running times from 6 seconds to several minutes in length.

We have also invested in and embraced some new technologies, as well. By purchasing a handful of remote HD cameras, ring lights and mics, we’ve coordinated the “contactless” handing off of those materials to some clients. With a few phone calls to assist in setting up those devices, we have recorded high-quality HD video featuring our clients, even directing those sessions via video call. Once the shoot is over, our clients wipe down the equipment and put it out on the porch for a producer to pick up before any porch pirates. Video files are then uploaded and the editing magic begins.

Our video team has even created a video showing how to shoot quality content with a smartphone.

Working with our dedicated videographers, we have now developed a protocol for filming on location. With strict glove-and-mask, distancing-and-disinfecting procedures in place, we have sent “one man” crews out for in-person filming, with one such production requiring multiple interviews (again aided by Facetime direction) that took place in a tightly controlled hospital setting. Professional production crews are also adapting their own practices, with our input, about how best to provide their services on larger-scale filming projects.

Along the way, we’ve not missed a deadline; we’ve not compromised creativity; and we’ve sacrificed neither quality nor safety to do so.

We have found creative ways to take on video production in the COVID-19 environment.

Fortunately, we’re professional problem solvers.

We’re here to help solve yours.