Using content to engage your audiences

Inbound marketing is the process of using content and proper distribution channels to move consumers through the marketing funnel.

TraDigital™ Marketing Funnel
Inbound and Outbound Marketing Difference

The difference between inbound and outbound marketing is that, instead of in-your-face “buy our widget at rock-bottom prices” messaging, we create content to draw users in through their journey as buyers – moving them through the marketing funnel from the awareness phase, to interest, then to consideration, and finally to action.

Attracting the right audience to your website

The MHP/Team SI digital marketing firm approaches the buyer’s journey like this: it is strategically mapped with intentional touchpoints. In some instances, the process can be an automated process where users can self-identify and/or use progressive profiling to identify themselves. The purpose is simple: to make sure the audience entering your website (and, therefore, your CRM database) are the right audiences.

Through our data-centric Doppio® approach, we can target the most likely audiences to your website and content, minimizing waste and increasing budget efficiency. Once users are in the buyer’s journey, we’ll help you keep them engaged and delighted so they can become loyal customers and brand evangelists for your company, product, etc.

Marketing Customer Journey Map

Crafting content that connects consumers with your brand

An inbound marketing strategy using MHP/Team SI’s TraDigital™ omnichannel approach is a full-circle solution for creating relevant and engaging content that connects your brand with the right audiences.

Our award-winning inbound marketing team has successfully delivered highly relevant content to consumers and businesses by creating integrated message maps that include:

Leveraging data for decisionmaking

We believe that all strategies must be informed by data and evolve from data.

We use everything at our disposal – such as A/B testing, machine learning, website user experience testing, audience insights analysis and more – so that we can help you identify new opportunities, test messaging and increase leads, all while reporting and optimizing your return on investment (ROI).

AB Strategy

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