Planning to understand needs and guide strategies

MHP/Team SI’s custom, consensus-based planning process – Marketing Analysis and Planning System (MAPS™) – enables the client and agency teams to collaborate and develop long-range integrated marketing plans while also generating buy-in from key decisionmakers within your organization.

Plan the work; work the plan.

Strategic Planning for Marketing

Empowering and immersing client and agency teams

As a first step to developing strategic and actionable omnichannel TraDigital™ marketing communications, MHP/Team SI recommends that clients participate in our MAPS™ consensus-based planning process. This process empowers the client team and immerses the agency team with information and understanding of desired outcomes and key performance indicators (KPIs) for marketing.

Through a facilitated conversation, MAPS™ discovers and considers your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat (SWOT). We also dive into:

Addressing the Five P's of Marketing to enable effective planning

MAPS™ addresses the total marketing mix – the Five Ps of Marketing: People, Product, Place, Price and Promotion, and relies on your knowledge and involvement to create consensus and ownership of the resulting TraDigital™ marketing communications plan.

Our MAPS™ approach provides several client benefits including:


Diversity of representation and perspective to ensure a complete “big picture”


An infusion of new perspectives and ideation that your internal communications team find energizing and useful


Clearly defined and agreed-upon measurable objectives, direction and priorities


Ownership of the plan by the group responsible for supporting its implementation.

5 ps of marketing

By combining the subjective components of decisionmaking with the objective elements of research, MAPS™ empowers client and agency participants to identify opportunities and enables MHP/Team SI to generate an actionable, prioritized communications plan that capitalizes on those identified opportunities.

Marketing roadmap

Delivering an actionable “roadmap” for marketing communications

The deliverable from MAPS™ is a custom-designed, actionable TraDigital™ omnichannel marketing communications plan that identifies business and communications objectives and their related prioritized strategies. The resulting plan also acknowledges team assignments and responsibilities, timelines, and budgets, all designed to maximize resources and meet expectations.

In short, we believe more heads are better than one. Let’s put our heads together!

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