Approaching media planning, placement and management with a cohesive point of view

In our omnichannel TraDigital™ marketing plans, we thoughtfully combine traditional and digital platforms and channels for a data-driven media strategy that is tailored specifically to your audiences’ needs.

It’s no longer necessary to take a megaphone approach to your marketing. Instead of having just a few traditional options to choose from, digital media marketing can provide your message to the niche audiences with which you want to connect.

A TraDigital™ strategy allows your marketing to reach your consumers where they are right now with the right messages that are relevant to them at the right time.

Media Marketing

Placing your messages where they need to be, when they need to be.

If a potential customer sees your marketing message on a billboard on their way to work, then again on their Facebook feed, and again in the 6 p.m. news and one last time while browsing the internet, each consecutive touchpoint further reinforces your brand and helps move the customer to action.


MHP/Team SI places digital media in search, on social media, on news and information websites, and in various formats including text ads, display ads, audio, video and native formats. Our media team directly places digital ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu and Twitter platforms and, through our networked publications, can programmatically place ads on most national and local websites, including,,, and With digital media, we can segment audiences by demographic categories, geographic regions and behavioral characteristics.


We also plan, negotiate and place traditional media in local, statewide, regional and national markets, via newspaper, magazine, radio, cable, broadcast, billboard and out-of-home platforms. We’ve placed advertising in national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and Forbes as well as hometown newspapers such as the Marshall Mountain Wave and The De Queen Bee.

Collaborating, syncing and reporting with efficiency and efficacy

At MHP/Team SI, our traditional and digital media teams operate under the same roof, allowing both sides to stay in sync with your campaigns and have access to tools and knowledge that wouldn’t be available if they were separated.

Our digital media team gains insight from the traditional employees on which demographics have responded to incentives in the past. In turn, the traditional team talks to the digital side about advanced reporting and new channels of advertising that can greatly expand the reach of clients’ campaigns.

Traditional and Digital Media Teams

Maximizing your media dollars

The MHP/Team SI marketing firm uses Doppio®, our tool to pair the most sophisticated data-analytics platforms available with the insights of our certified professional staff, optimizing a campaign’s effectiveness and devising a truly integrated and measurable media program. With Doppio®, we can segment your audiences by demographic categories, geographic regions and behavioral characteristics, for a truly niche experience. 

On the digital media side, we use audience-measurement tools which combine demographic, geographic and behavioral data with third-party data – to provide audience-usage information for search, social, news, entertainment and information websites.

On the traditional media side, we use the latest tools and audience research – such as Scarborough Consumer Media research – for media analysis, planning and optimization. Standard Rate and Data Service provides a comprehensive resource in analyzing print opportunities. We use the industry’s best tools for broadcast media research and buying. ComScore/Rentrak and Nielsen Arbitron ratings help guide us in developing our recommendations for clients. Other media-consumption research reports are also used, when appropriate, to ensure that media buys are on target.

Maximizing Media Marketing Money

The TraDigital™ media plan is more than the sum of its parts. It’s the meticulous process of combining all communications, interaction and measurement aspects into a single strategy. Using traditional marketing along with digital marketing keeps your campaigns well-rounded and gives your customers multiple opportunities to see your latest offers.

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