Public Relations Evolved: Strategic Communications

At MHP/Team SI, we believe in a TraDigital™ omnichannel marketing approach that blends digital and traditional marketing strategies to provide the best outcomes for our clients. A true strategic communications plan encompasses every discipline — paid media (both traditional and digital), owned media and loaned media. Enter: public relations.

Public Relations Evolved
Precise PR/Strategic Communications

Strategic communications is more than just a buzzword.

It’s the next generation of public relations that takes into account how the world is constantly evolving and relying more on online strategies, community influencers and word of mouth tactics in the overall marketing mix.

Our strategic communications approach blends digital and traditional public relations in a way that reaches the desired audience(s) in the right place at the right time, with the right message and in a meaningful and authentic way.

Our team of strategic communicators are experts at the tools you need in a TraDigital™ communications plan

Expert TraDigital™ Communications Plan
Public Relations for a Digital World

Adapting public relations for a digital world

Today’s digital landscape means there are content creators everywhere you look online, making it even more vital to integrate content marketing strategiessearch engine optimization and much more into your organization’s public relations plan. With our team’s expertise, those creators (be it media or community influencers) can be ambassadors for your brand. 

Online, our experts can help you position yourself as a thought leader, create campaigns that promote organic traffic and create backlinks from reputable sources – making your business a trusted source online. By implementing SEO strategies, you can also make sure your information is top on the list for online searches.

Getting More Eyes on Your Brand

Our TraDigital™ approach looks at PR through a different lens. Measurement is everything to us. We are a strategy-first agency, which means we are driven by data and intentional with the tactics we implement. When it comes to measurement, our strategic communications experts not only look at impressions and reach, we measure how we have moved the needle to drive audiences through the marketing funnel to take action. We implement key TraDigital™ principals in all PR efforts in order to measure desired outcomes, including backlinks and SEO keywords. As strategic communicators, we are wordsmiths, but we are also data nerds. Vanity metrics (and earned media appearances) are important, but so is domain authority, online sentiment ranking and competitor analysis. 

Data-driven strategic communications

Our strategic communications philosophy combined with our TraDigital™ approach makes MHP/Team SI a unique fit for organizations looking to break through the clutter. Find your perfect mix today!

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