Creating your new "click-and-mortar"

In the digital marketing age, your website must-haves and your application act as a 24-hour salesperson. They’re your “click-and-mortar.”

Website is your click and mortar
Syncing brand across website and app platforms

Syncing your brand across all platforms

MHP/Team SI is home to one of the largest in-house development teams in Arkansas. Our TraDigital™ website and app developers build these platforms for you in ways that sync with your brand and appeal to your audiences on all platforms.

Our website designers have years of experience working in WordPress and Progress’ Sitefinity, an enterprise content management system (CMS) that is a user-friendly platform allowing our developers to create advanced websites with special features in marketing, personalization and integration that provide your customers with a custom user-journey experience.

Building award-winning enterprise websites

As the only Progress Accelerate Gold partner in Arkansas, our team employs more than a dozen skilled Sitefinity-certified developers. Sitefinity allows them to build the most elegant, custom and award-winning website solutions and handle the most challenging third-party integrations. 

Launching more than 450 Sitefinity websites, we have the expertise and thousands of hours of experience to recommend or build custom modules and integrations that will make your website stand out.

All of our Sitefinity websites are hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure or Sitefinity Cloud, depending on your needs, and are protected by Cloudflare, a multi-region cloud-based service that currently protects more than 20 million internet properties. Our monthly hosting includes the following: 

Making websites based on your needs

WordPress, the most widely-used open-source CMS in the world, allows our team to build custom-engineered and templated websites with your must-haves for a variety of industries based on your functionality needs and budget.

Our WordPress Pro Hosting includes:

WordPress logo

Developing mobile apps for a personalized consumer experience

Apps create a more personal experience for the user. The MHP/Team SI process allows for elegant application design, customization and functionality across a broad range of mobile platforms.

Our app solutions include:

These give each of your audiences the power to engage with and purchase from your business right from the palm of their hand.

Our website and mobile app capabilities encompass all your business needs

Micro Moments

Online ordering, eCommerce and live-chat let you reach customers in the moment.

Stay Connected

Livestream setup keeps you connected with consumers.

Website Efficiency

Site speed and SEO tests ensure your website's efficiency.


ADA-compliance audits test your accessibility to those who need it.


Security audits check your protection from hacking attempts.


Creating seamlessness within your marketing campaigns

The goal of our TraDigital™ approach to website and design and development website is seamlessness. We
give our clients – and your audiences – a frictionless transition between the omnichannel elements and platforms of your marketing campaigns.

Our websites and apps bring brand developmet to life, giving consumers a space where they can interact with and buy into a brand in a substantial and purposeful way.

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