Addressing a real problem, head-on

Our fellow Arkansans are suffering from opioid addiction and overdose. Since 2017, 410 Arkansans have died from an opioid-related overdose. Opioid overdoses have increased by roughly 300% over the past 18 years.

Our client partner, the University of Arkansas System Criminal Justice Institute, joined a multi-agency, multi-partner, grant-funded effort to begin reducing opioid deaths. CJI focused on increasing health literacy, addressing prescription drug- and opioid-misuse disorders, and promoting the importance of calling 911 in the event of an overdose with the “Don’t Run. Call 911” campaign.

Targeting audiences in specific geographies

With target audiences and grant-directed target geographies prioritized, MHP/Team SI’s TraDigital™ omnichannel marketing approach included placements in these paid media channels:

  • Out-of-home (OOH)/billboards
  • Movie theater advertising
  • Connected TV
  • Pre-roll on YouTube
  • Direct mail
  • Traditional radio
  • Streaming radio on Pandora and Spotify
  • Digital display banners ads
  • Companion banner ads
  • Paid social
Don't Run Call 911 logo

Creating platforms and partnerships for wider reach

In true TraDigital™ fashion, additional tactics, platforms and partnerships were developed and deployed to broaden the message’s reach to the desired audiences. Tactics included:

  • Website development
  • App development for both Apple and Android
  • Video content on Facebook, YouTube, and partner organizations’ websites
  • Infographics and informational fliers for distribution at grassroots events
  • Social content

Tracking results to inform next steps

The ultimate result from an effort such as this is that lives are saved, and over two years, more than 300 lives have been saved in Arkansas from an opioid overdose.

We, of course, had to track results specifically related to the marketing communications campaign. Doing so helps us understand best practices for impacting human lives and inform next steps to help our client continue its good work.

Results of this particular, one-year effort included:

  • 91.2 million impressions
  • 187,444 impressions from Facebook content
  • 80.2+ million impressions from outdoor billboards
  • 1.1+ million impressions on Connected TV
  • 2.8+ million impressions in theaters
  • 3.9 million impressions on streaming audio
  • 385,818 impressions for traditional radio
  • 2,497 app downloads
  • 7,396 visitors to the website
  • 2.1+ million impressions on pre-roll
  • 257,834 impressions click-to-download ads
  • 727 clicks on CTV ad

The NARCANsas App also won a tech/innovation award from the Arkansas Governor’s Office.

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