Arkansas Food Hall of Fame

Developing a new recipe for news coverage

Continuing to gain momentum since its launch, the MHP/Team SI public relations firm proactively created fresh ideas and opportunities for earned media about the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame program, a program of Arkansas Heritage.

One such new opportunity was to create a media event around the announcement of the program’s finalists in four categories:

  • Proprietor of the Year
  • Food-Themed Event
  • Gone But Not Forgotten
  • Arkansas Food Hall of Fame

Finalists had previously been announced through direct mail, social media posts and news releases. An event would provide more opportunity for visuals and engagement.

Mixing together the ingredients

MHP/Team SI’s team of PR professionals planned and implemented a full array of logistical details to ensuring a successful event, including

  • Venue setup
  • Invitation tactics
  • Nominee communications
  • Speaker selection and run-of-show
  • Visuals and assets development
  • Event production
  • Refreshments and catering
  • Media outreach and relations
  • Event staffing

Another news hook was that the Arkansas Food of the Year would be unveiled and announced at the media event.

Arkansas Food Hall of Fame presser photo

Serving up the results

The media event was deemed a culinary triumph with these satisfying results:

  • 35+ earned media hits
  • All alerted TV stations covered the event.
  • 1.1+ million impressions
  • 95+ attendees
  • 60% of guests were finalists.

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