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Highlighting Your Strengths with Content Marketing

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital is a nationally-recognized pediatric hospital. One of the hospital’s services for which parents will travel is epilepsy. Le Bonheur’s epilepsy program has the highest level of accreditation and is one of only a few in the country.

The hospital desired to raise regional awareness for its epilepsy program and ultimately gain new patient appointments from people in surrounding states. Through a four-month long digital marketing campaign, we were able to attribute 30 conversions for the hospital.

Developing a Content Strategy

MHP/Team SI decided to develop a four-month digital content marketing campaign targeting fourteen states across the Southeast.

MHP/ Team SI combed through the Le Bonheur site for blog articles, web pages and patient testimonials that could be used as content pieces.

After we had a list of all content pieces related to epilepsy, MHP/ Team SI and Le Bonheur looked at the ways content had been used previously, site traffic to those pages and social engagement to ensure we only included the most engaging content.

Le Bonheur also talked with physicians to make sure all the information was up to date and the patients were still doing well and would approve being used in the campaign.

engaging social media platforms

Choosing the Perfect Platforms

Together, we decided on a digital-only strategy with no traditional media support.

MHP/ Team SI knew from past experience that Facebook would allow more specific targeting for parents who were interested in epilepsy awareness, epilepsy organizations and neuro organizations.

However, the agency also wanted to cast a wide net using platforms such as Taboola and Google Responsive. These platforms would help reach targeted parents by their willingness to read an article about seizures or a patient testimonial, but had not identified themselves online as a parent of a child with epilepsy.

Putting the Plan into Action

We delivered ads to our target audience from August to November. There were four rounds of content with three additional retargeting pieces.

With each round of content, we saw an increase in the retargeting pool. We also added a lookalike audience to the retargeting pool to prevent frequency from being too high.

On each landing page, we set up a HIPAA-compliant form to better track the direct impact of the campaign on patient appointments.

It's All About the Results

Ultimately, the campaign achieved our goals of increasing awareness and new appointments from potential out-of-state patients.

The campaign resulted in 30 total conversions, which were calls or forms filled out. The ads had more than 4.1 million impressions and more than 10,700 clicks. During those three months, the campaign drove more than 16,400 page views to the site.

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