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Meeting the Client's Need

In 2021, a federal credit union reached out to MHP/Team SI with the need to increase the amount of online credit card applications it received. We set out to craft a digital marketing campaign with a low cost-per-conversion rate.

Discovering a Digital Solution

MHP/Team SI crafted a three-pronged digital strategy to increase the credit union’s online credit card applications. These three marketing channels allowed the financial company to reach a highly-specific target audience at multiple layers of the marketing funnel.

Social Media MarketingWe placed ads on Facebook and Instagram to reach the target audience while they’re spending leisure time on their devices.

Doppio DisplayWe utilized Doppio®, our proprietary ad targeting software, to reach new users within FLA-friendly audience segments. Doppio® allowed us to send display ads to these audience segments at a household level.

Connected TVIn addition to display ads, Doppio® also allowed us to target specific audience segments at a household level with CTV ads. The launch of connected TV saw our conversion rate increase by 69% and our cost-per-conversion decrease by 62%.

Search Engine MarketingFinally, search engine marketing played the biggest role in our lower-funnel marketing. By bidding for ads on search engine results pages for specific keywords and phrases related to the product/service, we were able to reach high-intent users.

What Were the Results?

Our digital marketing campaign saw impressive results, both in brand awareness and conversions.

  • 12,380+ unique page views
  • 2,860+ application starts
  • 394 application completions
  • 14% conversion rate
  • <$11 cost-per-application start
  • <$55 cost-per-completed application

Our conversion rate for this campaign was a whopping 236% above the industry average, per Wordstream. Our less than $55 cost-per-conversion was 23% lower than the industry average. We were also proud to attribute 49% of all online application starts to our MHP/Team SI campaigns.

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