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Keep Arkansas Beautiful
Keep Arkansas Beautiful

Relying on data and research to identify opportunities and set objectives

Research from Keep America Beautiful finds that litter is still a prevalent issue, even around sites where multiple trash and recycling receptacles are available. Nationwide, 82% of litter is cigarette butts, 67% is miscellaneous paper and 45% is food wrappers. The presence of litter reduces property values by 7%.

In our work with the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission (KAB), we lean on that research to direct messaging and prioritize communications, using a TraDigital™ omnichannel marketing approach to educate and engage audiences, particularly in community-wide litter-pickup events.

Spotting some decreases in key data points, we devised an integrated communications plan to increase the number of events and volunteers, along with other key performance indicators (KPIs), for KAB’s two annual litter campaigns.

Maximizing owned, borrowed and earned channels for frequency

MHP/Team SI rolled out messaging through the following owned, borrowed and earned channels:

  • News releases distributed 500+ news outlets statewide
  • News interviews on TV and radio
  • E-newsletters
  • Television and radio PSAs (in two languages) placed through the Arkansas Broadcasters Association
  • Video content (in two languages) distributed via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Booth activations at community events
Keep Arkansas Beautiful bus
Keep Arkansas Beautiful bus side

Layering in paid channels for reach

To increase reach of the messaging, we placed content through the following paid media channels:

  • Gas pumps’ video screens
  • Movie theaters
  • Venue replay digital marketing
  • Paid social
  • Out-of-home via public transit

Adding value to community-centric campaigns

We believe the results of our TraDigital™ effort to increase volunteerism and other KPIs speak for themselves:

  • 113 news placements/appearance
  • 36.6+ million news impressions
  • 116 clicks from the e-newsletters
  • $1.1+ million advertising equivalency for TV and radio PSAs
  • 29,000 video views on YouTube
  • 10,000+ audience at community events
  • 255,500+ impressions from gas pump advertising
  • 9.5+ million impressions in movie theaters
  • 5.6+ million impressions from the public transit OOH
  • 238% increase in overall website traffic over previous year
  • 123% increase in traffic to the cleanup landing page over previous year
  • 375 local events (up from 330 the previous year)
  • 14,233 volunteers (up from 13,272)
  • $2.9+ million in estimated community impact and value

Need to pick up more audience engagement? We’ve got a beautiful TraDigital™ omnichannel approach to help you!

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