Meeting the Client's Need

MHP/Team SI partnered with a federal credit union to increase the amount of mortgage loan applications they received. The credit union desired to create an online marketing mix to drive product leads. It also desired to prove ROI by establishing benchmarks and reporting.

Developing a TraDigital Strategy

We elected to use three media to reach the credit union’s target audience and thus increase its number of loan applications. These three – social media marketing, display advertising, and search engine marketing – work in tandem to move a potential customer through the marketing funnel, from awareness to conversion.

Social Media MarketingWe sent ads to Facebook and Instagram users who had demonstrated interest in a mortgage loan or matched a persona of one who may be interested in a mortgage loan.

Doppio DisplayWe used Doppio®, our proprietary targeting platform, to target potential customers with display ads as they browsed the internet. Doppio® allowed us to target FLA-friendly audience segments at a household level, decreasing wasteful spending and allowing us to only send ads to those with interest.

Search Engine MarketingWe placed ads on specific keywords and phrases that matched the product we were trying to sell – mortgage loans. Therefore, only those with a demonstrated interest in mortgage loans (they made a Google search!) received our ad placements.

Keeping Track of our Results

Our digital marketing campaign worked its magic for our clients, producing some truly incredible results.

  • 4,600+ unique pageviews
  • 422 application starts
  • 12% conversion rate
  • <$54 cost-per-application start

Our 12% conversion rate was 188% above the industry average, while our cost-per-application start provided our client with 25% savings over their previous strategy. Additionally, our campaign attributed 30% of all online application starts.

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