We partner with banks like this one to run performance marketing campaigns that result in significant ROI for our clients.

Solving Problems for Financial Institutions

A financial institution approached MHP/Team SI with the goal of acquiring more premium checking accounts. Our team then developed a digital performance marketing strategy using a multi-channel approach to drive product leads with a measurable return on investment.

The results were remarkable. The campaign generated a 25% conversion rate, providing our client a 500% boost in conversions with more than 90% of those coming from MHP/Team SI campaigns.

Finding a Digital Solution

MHP/Team SI crafted a multi-channel performance marketing strategy to meet the needs of the client. Using the 381 FLA-compliant data layers in our Doppio® DSP, we were able to segment our target audience to only people who would be likely open a new checking account.

Our financial services marketing team elected to use four channels to reach our target audience.

Paid Search AdsEmploying a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy ensured we reached individuals who were actively searching for premium checking applications.

Meta Marketing – Advertising on social media is a very effective way of reaching potential customers. Ads placed on Facebook and Instagram are sure to reach audiences as they spend time scrolling their social feed. 

Doppio® DisplayAfter we honed in on our target audience, we were able to retarget them on a household level with Doppio® data layers. Audience members might see display ads on any device including phones, tablets, computers, and more.

▹ Doppio® Connected TV Retargeting Individuals who had previously been to the site were retargeted through connected TV. This strategy improves brand recognition and allows the consumer immediate access to the desired actions. 

Producing Great Results

The results of our digital marketing campaign speak for themselves. We saw:

  • 10,450+ unique pageviews
  • 2,578 conversions
  • <$12 cost-per-lead

The campaign generated a 25% conversion rate (143% above industry benchmarks per Wordstream), which was a 500% boost in conversion rates for the company. Finally, through our performance marketing efforts, our client saved 83% per lead compared to industry standards. Furthermore, a staggering 93% of all online conversions were directly through MHP/Team SI campaigns. 

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