On Your Side - By Your Side

Getting hit by a car hurts. Dealing with the legal stress which comes in the aftermath of a car accident can hurt even worse. Personal injury attorneys, like our client Taylor King Law Firm, position themselves to walk with those who have been injured in car accidents.

Founded in 1994, Taylor King Law Firm has expanded from one office in small-town Arkadelphia, Arkansas to seven offices across the state with over 20 staff attorneys. Taylor’s soft-spoken, friendly demeanor is personified in the firm’s slogan, “On Your Side, By Your Side.”

Developing a TraDigital Strategy

For Taylor King Law, our agency created a customized omnichannel strategy that would yield direct response results based on 3 key principles:

Foundation – The firm needed a strong website presence paired with a full SEO strategy to increase online presence and overall organic traffic to the website.

TraDigital Media – We strategically utilized a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels to increase overall brand awareness and increase direct response to promote case growth.

Creative – Our agency knew creating high quality brand creative was essential and would reflect positively on the overall brand of the law firm.

Crafting a TraDigital Marketing Mix

We utilized an omnichannel TraDigital approach to reach potential clients where they live, both online and offline. These included:

  • Website and organic traffic and SEO
  • Doppio Display Ads
  • Online Video series
  • TV Broadcasts
  • Radio Endorsements
  • Out-of-home ads

Keeping Track of our Results

We believe the results from our Omnichannel strategy speak for themself:

  • SEO visits from search engines improved 400%
  • SEM search efforts saw an average of 74% increase in conversions
  • Doppio Display saw a 2000% increase in conversions
  • Online video, once launched, had a 591% increase in clicks to the TKL website
  • After airing broadcast tv ads, website visits saw a 54.6% increase compared to that time last year
  • Since launching our OOH billboard strategy, we have seen over 435,000,000 impressions each year
ROI concept illustration. Computer with data and infographics.

Generating Real-World ROI for the Client

While getting more clicks and impressions are great for brand awareness, most personal injury attorneys want to see ROI where it matters most: leads and new cases. 

Our TraDigital marketing campaign brought incredible growth in new cases, case revenue and locations. Alongside this, they had some truly great ROI for every ad dollar spent in marketing. We believe that these results demonstrate a resounding success.

Are you ready to see similar ROI on your TraDigital marketing campaign? Get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to discuss a solution that works for you and your business.

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