Studio West by MHP/Team SI

MHP/Team SI has opened its third office, Studio West, on Bowman Road in West Little Rock. Outfitted with a video studio, a podcasting/vodcasting space, a green room and an editing suite, Studio West allows the agency to expand its already impressive video and creative capabilities.

Studio West also houses MHP/Team SI’s administrative team and provides conference spaces to serve as a convenient meeting point for clients in West Little Rock.

A Full Studio to Meet Little Rock's Video Needs

Since the agency’s inception in 1972, MHP/Team SI has provided video services to its clients. From television commercials to promotional videos, we’ve blended our creative eye with our knack for strategy to create successful campaigns. More recently, our growing in-house video team has produced visually-compelling work to tell our client’s stories on TV, the internet and social media.

Studio West only allows that work to expand and improve with in-studio offerings added to its history of on-site shoots. Furnished with state-of-the-art cameras, lights and sound equipment, the controlled space allows for higher-quality content, easier set-up, and quicker turnarounds for our clients.

A Home for Social Media Content

In 2022, MHP/Team SI realized the need for a social media creative team and launched the Content Studio. This team seeks to help brands act as creators or influencers on their social media channels.

Studio West provides our Content Studio team with a dedicated space to produce content for TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms. The studio’s clean slate can transform into whatever environment a brand needs, while our exceptional lights, cameras and audio equipment allow for high-quality yet authentic vertical video content.

Our Work

Located in the Heart of West Little Rock

Inside the Bowman Business Park, Studio West is conveniently located in the heart of West Little Rock.

Just minutes from the corporate office parks on Kanis, Shackleford and Financial Centre Parkway, the commercial heart of West Little Rock on Chenal and Bowman, and the residential areas of Chenal and Pleasant Valley, Studio West will provide easy access to meeting spaces for the agency’s clients on the west side of our city.

Studio West’s proximity to Interstates 430 and 630 also provides quick access from our Riverdale headquarters, Downtown Little Rock, and clients visiting from out of town.