Unlocking access to the consumer

At MHP/Team SI, we understand that the secret to increasing sales – whether in your brick-and-mortar location or your online storefront – is to unlock data to better understand and respond to consumer behaviors.

We develop omnichannel TraDigital™ marketing plans that include both traditional and digital strategies to activate shoppers to become aware of and interested in  your brand and products toward their increased consideration and ultimate purchase.

Telecom Marketing

Getting Results for eCommerce Clients

We do more than talk about strategies and results. We have the results to prove we can get the job done. Check out our case study to see how we increased ROI for an eCommerce company just like you.

Marketing Nutritional Supplements Online
We doubled an eCommerce company’s conversion rate in a month while decreasing their cost per order from $100 to only $4.


Maximizing touch points with your brand

Our TraDigital approach empowers your marketing to involve all the ways your customers experience your brand, and to deliver the right message at the most strategic touch points along the path to purchase.

MHP/Team SI has worked alongside retail clients large and small in industry sectors including auto, food, toy, nutritional and healthcare products, in both retail and e-commerce environments. And, we excel in creating engaging and relevant customer experiences all across the right omnichannel TraDigital™ touch points. We can put this experience to work for you!

Personalizing for your brand

We know that every shopper marketing plan must be unique and responsive to the dynamic shopper landscape, and we’re an agile partner.

First, we look at more than 291,000 third-party data segments via our proprietary Doppio® automated data analytics platform side by side with your first-party data. 

This depth of information enables us to develop the essential insights and strategies needed to build the right creative story and media plan to support your sales strategy. We will reach your shoppers on their TVs, phones, tables and computers as they research and make purchase decisions in store and online. 

We offer full transparency on the growth and success of your shopper programs, via our TraDigitaldashboard, and we set KPIs (key performance indicators) and ROI metrics at the beginning of each campaign to measure how we’re doing toward your business objectives.

Complementing your team

At MHP/Team SI, we strive to be a valued extension of your team, working with you to develop strategies that excite buyers, merchants and shoppers. With our full-service capabilities, we have the services you need to benefit business.

We believe in partnerships, and we will build a mutually accountable and successful business relationship with you. Get in touch today!

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