Driving your digital marketing plans with data

Every choice your customers make generates a new piece of digital marketing data that describes them. From taking a step, turning on a light switch, selecting a podcast, stopping to pick up coffee, watching a basketball game, checking weather – every single choice. MHP/Team SI’s data scientists analyze those patterns of data to match those choices with the detailed personas of your audiences to drive them to action.

Data science
Identifying engaging audiences

Identifying engaging audiences

We have an expert understanding of how to apply our data-mining skills to identify specific audiences who want to engage with your brand. We work to position our clients as thought leaders in their respective fields by educating and nurturing leads throughout the process. Our success with both B2C and B2B businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies is based on our ability to create custom content that resonates with consumers, drives qualified traffic to websites, increases brand awareness among appropriate audiences, and increases leads and conversions.

Make the most of your website data

Our entire agency team has demonstrated expertise in analyzing your online data. We’re a Google Premier Partner, meaning we have extensive certification and experience with Google Analytics. We’ve also come to offer a Google Analytics 4 alternative to help you continue to glean exciting insights in the midst of a changing analytics environment.

Gathering First Party Data

Gathering first-party data

How do we do it? We’ll want your first-party data about any number of consumer actions and information, such as: 

Analyzing past marketing campaigns

Then, we’ll want any previous marketing and media plans you’ve developed and implemented, and their results. We’ll ask for long-range strategic business and operational plans. We’ll then search out third-party information, data and insights about trends in your industry sector, target audiences and key stakeholder groups, identified competitors, the communities and populations you serve, etc.

analyzing marketing campaigns
Building marketing plan

Building your marketing plan

We’ll thoroughly audit everything you give us and everything we find on our own to build our analysis of your current situation. We’ll marry that analysis to the desired results you’ve identified. From there, we can build the marketing intelligence platform from which we can create an actionable omnichannel TraDigital™ communications approach.

Pairing data with professional insights

Doppio® by Team SI is how we know who to target. Doppio pairs the most sophisticated aggregated and automated data analytics platform available with insights and instincts of our certified professional staff to optimize campaign effectiveness. Our data scientists know how to convert your audiences into leads and customers.

Data driven marketing

Embracing data-driven marketing

It is time to embrace data-driven, omnichannel TraDigital™ marketing. It is time to look at how specific your messages can be to your individual customer’s needs.

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