Necessity and Opportunity

Influencer marketing was born out of an authentic, story-telling mode of communications. It’s the new “word of mouth.” As PRNews puts it, “There are two ways to view plunging into influencer marketing: necessity, or opportunity.”

What is an influencer?

At a fundamental level, social media influencer marketing capitalizes on endorsements and product mentions by users with engaged followings. Influencers are often called content creators, and their value and impact are variable, depending on your goals and needs.

Influencer Marketing Services

At MHP/Team SI, we understand that utilizing social media influencers can be an important part of a strategic TraDigital™ marketing campaign. In order to determine if influencer marketing will be successful in helping you meet your goals and reach your audience, we need to understand who your audience is and which social media outlet(s) your targets use. Whether it’s TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Clubhouse, Snapchat or the next big thing, if your audiences are there, social media influencers are too.

We understand the value of influencers with large followings for brand awareness and message reach, and the grassroots value of micro-influencers with smaller, engaged audiences for valuable endorsements and authentic messaging.

Creating Brand Partnerships

We believe a successful influencer campaign begins with research and data, in order to create a true partnership. By staying on top of industry trends and researching influencers that share common values with your brand, in the right location, with your target audience, with the right reach, we offer influencers something of value: YOU! The right influencer will be genuinely interested in your product, service or experience and that authenticity will be relayed in their content creation. Authenticity creates a higher quality brand partnership campaign and generates better results.

Return on Investment - The Bottom Line

How do we know it’s working? Measurement and tracking are key aspects of a successful influencer marketing strategy. Unique shoppable links, affiliate marketing programs and personalized promo codes enable specific, data-driven tracking to demonstrate ROI. It’s not smoke and mirrors – it’s either moving the needle or it’s not. Let’s define your destination and see how influencer marketing can help you hit the gas.

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